Friday 4 December 2020

A Crushing New Summer Sensation From @DrinkScore #ScoreCrush #ScoreEnergy

Hi Friends, 

Double your power and kickstart your summer with Score Crush, the new tropical energy drink sensation. 

If you are looking for a cool summer pick-me-up, Score Crush is a refreshing burst of sparkling pineapple and coconut. Kickstart sizzling days with the energizing power of Score and get the beach party started. The fruity coco-pine taste will keep you going long after sunset for a star-studded night with the crew. 
A Crushing New Summer Sensation From @DrinkScore #ScoreCrush #ScoreEnergy
Stay on track with Score’s double shot of Guarana for that natural caffeine kick and a healthy dose of B Vitamins. Taurine free and big on taste, Score is the ultimate energy drink to help you reach your potential. Score Crush is available in mega 500ml cans in leading outlets selling at around R10 per can. 

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I received an awesome press drop for this energy drink and I shot a video for my Youtube channel (which by the way has crossed 650 subscribers with more than 308k views and 3 Million impressions) which you can enjoy here. If you have not followed me on the platform - do give me a like and subscribe to my channel too!
I really love the Coconut and Pineapple flavoured drink and have been drinking Score Energy Drinks for a long time. Have a great festive season and don't forget to wish The Life's Way - 8th anniversary on 27th December 2020.

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