Saturday 5 December 2020

Why #ZozibiniTunzi Thinks #GalaxyS20FE Is Perfect For #ContentCreator On The Go? @SamsungMobileSA

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Created By The Fans, For The Fans: The Galaxy S20 FE

Currently, the iconic Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi continues her incredible mission to empower and influence young women globally. For her, every day represents an opportunity to make a difference. Her take on the Galaxy S20 FE is therefore inspired by its mission to put cutting edge technology into the hands of more people. The newly launched device is grabbing headlines across the world – a device that includes first-in-category innovations such as a 120Hz display, prograde cameras and immense battery life – that’s also accessible to a wider range of South Africans. Samsung introduced the powerful Galaxy S20 series earlier this year and now Samsung has made the technology available to even more consumers, using fan feedback. Zozibini knows all about the importance of fans and has now become one herself.
Why #ZozibiniTunzi Thinks #GalaxyS20FE Is Perfect For #ContentCreator On The Go? @SamsungMobileSA
“When you travel the world you get to experience many cultures and see wonderful new innovations. This is one of them. For me, the Galaxy S20 FE is made for a moment when we can all agree that new technology should be used to empower people across all walks of life. The combination of affordability and quality is truly astounding. I believe in having a strong sense of identity, the ability to navigate evolving trends, and confidently announce your presence. The Galaxy S20 FE does this remarkably well. You see this from the moment you lay your eyes on it. Its range of four bold and lively colours can be effortlessly matched to your own sense of style. When you come face to face with it, you can’t help but marvel at the dynamic 6.5” screen that has super smooth and fast scrolling. The camera is, of course, a must for everyone so the 32mp selfie camera really gets your attention. I enjoyed that the fan edition includes innovations from the Galaxy S20 such as 30X Space Zoom and Single Take, where the artificial intelligence automatically creates a series of videos and images after you’ve filmed something for 15 seconds. It’s great that has 128GB of storage as well, to hold all those awesome pics too. This is a winner, not just for the fans who created it, but for us all.”

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