Monday 20 April 2020

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Apr 2019 #2000thPost #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra

Hi Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that this is going to be the 2000th blog post on since it started more than 7 years back on 27 Dec 2012. Between all the 2000 posts there has been some analysis I did and came up with several kinds of things which I can announce in this post. 

  • 31.85% of the posts are self-written including product reviews, launch events, contest entries, book reviews, movie reviews, apps reviews and other reviews like Photowalks, etc. 
  • 1363 posts didn't get me anything much and some are only done to keep the PR relationships and to please the brands without getting any benefits in return
  • For Huawei, I published 95 press releases and 17 self-written posts which totals 112 posts
  • For Samsung, I published 90 press releases and 15 self-written posts which totals 105 posts
  • For Indiblogger, I published 44 press releases and 39 self-written posts totaling 83 posts
  • For Montecasino, I published 83 posts all of them were press releases
  • For Acer, I published 64 press releases and 3 self-written posts totaling 67 posts
  • For Disney, the count is 64 press releases
  • For Sony Electronics, 42 press releases, and 10 self-written posts
  • For Silverstar Casino, 48 press releases
  • For Sterkinekor, 38 press releases
  • For rAge Expo, 36 press releases
  • For ZEE TV, 27 press releases and 1 self-written post
  • For LG Electronics, 23 press releases, and 1 self-written post
  • For Microsoft, 20 press releases and 3 self-written posts
  • For BluBlood, 21 press releases
  • For Uber, 20 press release
  • For Lenovo, 20 press releases
  • For Logitech, 19 press releases and 1 self-written post
In the near future of 2020, I want to increase self-written content to reach at least 50% because that will improve my writing abilities if done on a daily basis. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Apr 2019 #2000thPost #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
Aashish Rai at Apple iStore in The Dubai Mall, Dubai 
Last year April 2019, I was watching a lot of Netflix and all the 4 posts I did were for the Netflix original series only. 

1. #TheLifesWayReviews - Selection Day - Season 1 @NetflixSA TV Series #Cricket #Drama - - This is a really nice drama around the family where the father takes some outrageous steps to get his sons into the game of cricket. 

2. #TheLifesWayReviews - Beyond All Boundaries @NetflixSA TV Series @TheCricketFilm #CricketWorldCup2011 - - It's a documentary which showcases the life of 3 people attached by a single string of Cricket and how it helps them to fulfill their dreams? 

3. #TheLifesWayReviews - Delhi Crime @NetflixSA TV Series #Crime #Drama - - Delhi Crime is based on the 2012 Nirbhaya Delhi case whose criminals were hanged till death this year in March 2020. 

4. #TheLifesWayReviews - Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians @mipaltan @NetflixSA TV Series - - It was great to know the inner details about the IPL and how Mumbai Indians prepared for all the IPL matches and the series every year. 

This year in 2020, I have revived the series of my Photo posts and continuously posting some new content on a daily basis and I hope that you are going to love them. Follow me on my new Instagram travel-related handle - TheLifesWay

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