Saturday 13 April 2019

#TheLifesWayReviews - Selection Day - Season 1 @NetflixSA TV Series #Cricket #Drama

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Selection Day - Season 1 is a Netflix TV series which is based on Cricket Drama and features the fictional story of two brothers playing cricket and trying to make a career out of the same. The season 1 was launched in December 2018 and is based on the book of the same name by Aravind Adiga. The TV series is directed by Udayan Prasad and Rajesh Tailang plays a dictator, disciplined and sacrificing father who wants to brings the best in his children. Anil Kapoor, famous Bollywood Hero is the producer of this Netflix TV series.

The kids are played by Mohammad Samad and Yash Dholye along with Mahesh Manjrekar as their cricket coach and Ratna Pathak Shah as School principal. With a great star cast, this Netflix series is very promising and I watched all the 6 episodes in Season 1 in a single sitting. I never wanted the serial to get over but the good news is that Season 2 is releasing on 19th Apr 2019. 

Manju and Radha Kumar come from a village and after winning championships get decided by their father to be moved to Mumbai where they can fight in domestic league matches. Mohan Kumar played by Rajesh Tailang is the obsessive and intelligent father who has spent his entire life on raising great athletes planning everything even before his marriage till they are today. He spends his entire time on planning what's best for his kids and stays focussed on making it big for them. He doesn't have any money and takes some strange jobs to survive in Mumbai.  

As the episodes progress the kids are selected by a school coach played by Mahesh Manjrekar who has some mystery attached to him which is not revealed in the first season. Ratna Pathak Shah takes care of the school while trying to save the school land from the builders and businessman played by Akshay Oberoi looking at a property of value unlimited in the centre of the Mumbai city. Karanvir Malhotra plays the competition in terms of batting in their school team. He really tests the mental and emotional strength of the brothers as he continues to bully them in the school.

#TheLifesWayReviews - Selection Day - Season 1 @NetflixSA TV Series #Cricket #Drama
The kids face their own troubles with father and internal struggle when they want to make choices and are not allowed to. The little one doesn't want to even play cricket and wants to study science and is in talks with Lord Almighty played by Shiv Pandit. These talks with God are the most interesting portions of the show and those scenes are not to be missed. There is a certain mystery about their mom which is to be revealed at the end of season 1 but the episode ends there keeping us waiting till season 2 starts. 

The TV series brings about the memories of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar movie where the fight was between school students from public and private schools. Here in this Netflix TV series, the fight is between the rich and the poor and the facilities available to progress in any of the fields be it studies or games. It's similar to the protagonists of the tv series will have to face their internal and external struggles to reach the Selection Day committee and the show shows the number of days left for the same in each episode.

Overall it's a worth watch and I am eagerly waiting for the next season and it's hardly a week left for the same. If you want to enjoy, you can wait till that time or can watch the 6 episodes this weekend and rest next week if released together by Netflix.

If you don't have Netflix membership, enroll for a month free trial and then you can take on any of the three packages as per your requirements. I am also on a trial package for 1 month and trying to watch as much as I can. Netflix gives you the option to download too on Wifi connection which you can watch on the go later or while traveling making it a great option. 


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