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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Howick Falls in #KwaZuluNatal #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures

Hi Friends, 

Howick Falls is nearly 95m in height and Umgeni River water forms the main source of this fall. The beauty of these falls is amazing and KwaZulu Natal as a province is one of the most beautiful states with all its natural beauty. 
Howick Falls in #KwaZuluNatal #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
This comes when you are traveling from Johannesburg to Durban via N3 and there is a small detour of around 10km from the main road to get to the inside town of Howick and see this beautiful waterfall. 
Howick Falls in #KwaZuluNatal #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
This is the only fall where you don't have to walk more than 10-15m to see the same after parking your car. There is plenty of parking for at least 10 cars. 
Howick Falls in #KwaZuluNatal #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
The viewing area of the falls is right on the edge of the road and can easily be reached by anyone. There is plenty of shops and restaurants around the falls to get cold drinks, beers, etc. 
Howick Falls in #KwaZuluNatal #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
There are many local shops selling South African cultural key rings, collectibles and merchandise made by the local artists and villagers. 
Howick Falls in #KwaZuluNatal #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
This falls causes a lot of accidents and many people have died around this falls as you can see there is a community living right near the edges of these falls. Also, many people try to dive into the pool underneath and lost their lives because of hitting the rocks, etc. 
Howick Falls in #KwaZuluNatal #SA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
It was really great to visit these falls for the first time and there were free community washrooms that were clean. It was too hot weather when I visited the same and I immediately went to buy the cold drinks at the shop nearby. I also bought a copper bangle for myself to wear every day from the local shops along with some keyrings.

All the photos are taken by Aashish Rai using Canon EOS 100D camera at Howick Falls, South Africa.

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