Saturday 13 April 2019

#TheLifesWayReviews - Beyond All Boundaries @NetflixSA TV Series @TheCricketFilm #CricketWorldCup2011

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Beyond All Boundaries is a 2013 documentary film on Netflix Channel which is 97 minutes long and directed by Sushrut Jain. The film revolves around 3 people from different parts of life and how they are affected by the 2011 World Cup Victory of Indian Cricket Team in India. Kunal Nayyar narrated the whole documentary who got his fame from The Big Bang Theory tv series.

The film starts before the 2011 World Cup in the life of Sudhir Gautam who is considered to be the biggest fan of God of Cricket - Sachin Tendulkar. He tells about his story of how he met Sachin and how he provides him with the passes for all the matches in and around India. It's his journey from his remote village in Bihar to the location of WC Matches on a bicycle with no money in his pockets. He sacrificed his life to watch cricket and how the world around him loves or hates him for what he has achieved in his life. It's definitely a struggle which you will see as he fights between his principles and career aspirations from family. Will he be there holding the World Cup Trophy 2011 as it was Sachin's only dream while he played?

The second story is about an 8-year-old boy Prithvi Shaw who is considered to be the child prodigy in Cricket and much talented to the likes of Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin himself gifted him a bat as he continues to break records with his dedication and commitment towards the game. He comes under a lot of pressure from his Father who is a single parent is fully committed to Prithvi success in Cricket. He sometimes becomes very much demanding and doesn't consider the child as a child. The film shows how Prithvi goes around playing and winning the hearts of a local politician too who sponsors him a flat and other amenities to focus on his game. Will Prithvi Shaw continue to build on his strengths while remain focussed on the task ahead? 
#TheLifesWayReviews - Beyond All Boundaries @NetflixSA TV Series @TheCricketFilm #CricketWorldCup2011
The third story is about the 17-year-old girl named Akshaya Surve who is an aspiring Under-18 bowler to play before the selection committee. The girl comes from a poor family with only surviving mother and family is caught between the tensions of the uncles and grand-mother to leave the house. They can't leave the house and emotions are getting under the skin of the young Akshaya. She finds her only vent at the Sivaji cricket ground for 3 hours daily where she is enrolled to play under a lady coach for which she sacrifices her class 12 exams as initially, they are unable to pay electricity bills so she can't study in the night and then for the U-18 cricket selections. The struggles she faces in her day to day while keeping her smiles and childlike hopefulness in herself is awesome to watch. Will she survive the ankle injury she had 6 months ago and it comes to surface just days before the selection day? 

Beyond All Boundaries - The Netflix documentary is awesome to watch if you love cricket and how it drives the Indian population? People follow it like a religion and can do or die for the game. It's a movie made with a lot of passion and should be watched with a lot of enthusiasm too. I totally loved the documentary as it reminded me of dancing on the streets of Wembley High Road, London United Kingdom with thousands of countrymen and NRIs celebrating the success of Indian Cricket Team. The overall 2011 world cup has brought so many memories match per match as I got nostalgic while we wait and watch the results. 

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