Saturday 13 April 2019

#TheLifesWayReviews - Cricket Fever:Mumbai Indians @mipaltan @NetflixSA TV Series

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Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians is a Netflix TV series was launched in Mar 2019 and Season 1 consists of 8 episodes. Cricket Fever will bring you all the Indian Premier League action behind the different teams as they start preparing for the IPL seasons every year. I hope there will be 8 seasons to showcase all the IPL teams in the near future.

Cricket Fever takes you on the 2018 IPL journey in India and team which it focusses on is Mumbai Indians. Right from choosing the players and setting the budgets to the actual coming up of the team together to win matches is what this serial is all about. It also gives you a view from the Owners point of view as Akash Ambani takes the top post of Team Manager under the leadership of his mom Nita Ambani (Reliance Industries) for this season.

The episodes also take you on the journey of several Mumbai Indians players and how they reached MI teams in 2018 IPL team. There are a lot of factors which makes and breaks the teams and the biggest among them is the Communication between the team. Head Coach of Mumbai Indians Team - Mahela Jayawardene is caught between meeting the expectations set by Team Owners - Akash and Neeta Ambani and 25 Selected Players to win the season's biggest prize or rather say retaining the IPL Trophy they won last year in 2017 IPL season.

#TheLifesWayReviews - Cricket Fever:Mumbai Indians @mipaltan @NetflixSA TV Series

Sachin Tendulkar is the God of Cricket and he supports his local team i.e. Mumbai Indians and Wankhede Stadium which is the home ground of Mumbai Indians Team. The journey to reach Wankhede is not an easy one and it takes a lot of hard work and good luck to get selected amongst the local and international's best to be among the playing 11 in any of the matches of IPL.

The playing team without any injuries and with proper rest is a chess game which selectors and owners and coaches and captain and senior players need to decide on. The coming together as a team rather than focussing on getting red and purple caps is a topmost priority too. Individualism is to be overcome by the Team unison.

I really loved watching 8 episodes as the MI team journey progress through the IPL season 2018 till they get eliminated to reach in Top 4. I could not stop watching back to back and finished the same in just a span of 2 days. It's really a good production with real cricket stars and owners and no actors. Go check it out if you love the most valuable IPL franchise worth more than USD 100 Million.

If you don't have Netflix connection, then you can try it for a first month worth R169 for free and later can take any package from the 3 available in South Africa. 

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