Saturday 18 April 2020

Rhino & It's Horns @RhinoandLionSA #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures

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Rhino is of the Big 5 animals South Africa is famous for and what a beautiful animal this is but is mostly sought-after by the poachers because of its horns. 
Some people believe that Rhino horns can give them some kind of power to fight some of the deadly diseases which is totally superstition as these can also be cured using allopathic medicines. 
In some of the big national parks like Kruger National Park, they don't even map the spots at camps for fellow travelers where rhinos are roaming as poachers are trying every day in the night to kill either an elephant or rhino. 
Rhino loves to stay and roam with its family and is purely vegetarian but has power equivalent to many big animals like elephants. 
What happened with us at the Lion and Rhino Nature reserve when we first traveled that a rhino came charging as we kept our engines ON of the car and it was disturbing him a lot. 
With the kind of horn this rhino has, he could easily turn the car upside down and even kill some people as the sharp horn can easily penetrate anyone. 
He came almost at the corner of the road while we backed our vehicle in reverse and took it as far as we can from the spot. 
Rhino is one of the most aggressive animals and that is the criteria of Big 5 in South Africa. The hippopotamus is also big but his anger gets cooled down immediately and doesn't like to chase people whereas Rhino will chase you till he can. 
In the end, what everyone needs is to spend time with the family taking care of them and protecting them. But we as a human need to protect animals like Rhinos from ourselves only and all those superstitions that horns can take our sickness away and not medicines. All these photos are taken using a Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera at Lion and Rhino Nature Reserve, Johannesburg, South Africa. This private nature reserve is around 35 km from the center of the city and belongs in the area known as Cradle of Humankind which will be covered in the posts later. 

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