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Thursday, 2 April 2020

#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreeLace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview

Hi Friends, 

I am always fascinated by Huawei ranges of products and attending their launch events because sooner or later they do give out their products in the goodies bag to everyone. I have most of their products by attending their launch events and I am grateful for the same. Some I have passed on to my family and friends and some I have kept for myself including a Mont Blanc Leather Card Purse. I finally got this amazing Huawei Freelace earphone at the launch event of Huawei Mate 30 series smartphone launch and I felt so great as I was requesting the brand to give me one for review but somehow sooner or later - Huawei listens to your requests.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreelace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview
Aashish Rai with his Huawei Freelace Earphones
Huawei Freelace comes in a great package with a mention of 18 hours of playback and fast charge capabilities along with Huawei HiPair technology built into the same. Not only that there is mention of memory metal and wind noise reduction for calls. If and how this feature works up to what's mentioned in the package will be the focus of this review. Other than that the package has some silicon ear tips for 6 sizes options and a cable to attach a Type C to USB cable to charge the unit. Out of the unit, the earphones look really expensive due to its metallic single color design and silicon and aluminum mix material.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreelace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview
When they were introduced at one of the Huawei launch events, I was so amazed at the design and looks of this around neck earphones where the type C cable is connected to the right earbud and can be charged using your Huawei devices. Freelace comes in three colors but mainly I have seen it in Amber Sunrise which is a beautiful color. Other colors are Emerald Green and Graphite Black. Coming right back to the HiPair technology which not only connects your earbuds immediately to your Huawei device but can also reverse charge the earbuds without carrying any extra cables whatsoever. The overall length of cable in neckband is 788mm and the total length including earbuds is 837mm and is comfortable to sit around your neck all day long as the material is liquid silicon which is bendable and comfortable to wear. Both the ends are symmetrical thus giving us a balanced design to wear around our neck easily all day long.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreelace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview
Another unique thing about this Huawei Freelace is 18 hours playback claimed and I was not getting the same as I was not using the Huawei smartphone. I made a huge noise too but then I attached it with my wife's Huawei smartphone and it immediately updated the firmware on these earphones. After that time, I started getting more than 12-13 hours of non-stop music in a single charge. But there is a catch here as the device has magnetic sensors which detect if you are using earphones or not and once attached to each other, it pauses the music and saves your play and once disconnected it starts the music from the same point. Huawei devices can charge Freelace earphones for 4 hours listening in just 5 minutes charge.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreelace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview
This magnetic memory metal consumes power and doesn't put the earphones to OFF mode so your battery life will reduce if you don't manually switch off the device. This was one of the lessons learned by me and it highly helped me as I now switch them off after my 1-hour walk every day to save battery and it lasts me easily for a week or more than time depending on the number of walks. I use these in-ear earphones to also take calls and the quality is the top class as it has perfect collaboration between dual-channel wind noise reduction and Bluetooth noise-canceling algorithm.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreelace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview
The neck earphones as we can call them is IPX5 rated which means they are waterproof even when you wear them in the rain and sweat is no problem too. Huawei Freelace weighs just 27 grams and battery capacity is 120 mAh 3C high-efficiency lithium battery and hence they say it has around 18 hours as my Body Glove mini earbuds have 40mAh and last around 3 hours. Bluetooth connectivity is fast as it's v5.0 and a single button on the right-hand side controls the whole earphones system. The power button is on the side and using this you can switch ON-OFF and pair the earphones. For pairing just long-press the power button while switching ON.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreelace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview
The volume up and down button does what it does and there is a multi-function button in the middle. This button when pressed twice will switch to next sone, thrice in succession will reverse and a single time will pause and play the song. During the call mode, a single press will receive the call, press hold for 2 seconds will reject the call. After the call, just press the function button to end the call. Also, in music mode, holding the function button for 2 seconds will activate the voice assistant on your phone. There is an indicator light next to the power button guiding you from low battery to charging full from red to white light.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreelace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview
Lastly what's earphones or headphones without the right kind of audio performance and looks do matter but in the end, what matters is the audio pleasure it brings to your ears. With its angular 28 degrees, ergonomic earbuds the device fits easily in your ears blocking outside noise and stays in place even if you are running on the road or treadmill. The 9.2mm dynamic driver unit enlarges the sound field giving a balanced sound to your ears. I really enjoy my favorite songs on these earphones as it helps me get lost in the immersive music experience. The earphones have the right kind of bass and treble using ultra-thin TPU diaphragm and Titanium plating respectively. These earbuds have enough bass which will be really loved by millennials and younger generation for sure.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreelace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview
With the motto of Music, Always Stay Huawei Freelace is one earphone around the neck that you can never go wrong with. I totally love them and they are my evening walking partner these days and will last till they last. Give me some love on my travel Instagram channel @thelifesway and enjoy the photos using DSLR, Mirrorless and Mobile cameras.
#TheLifesWayReviews - #HuaweiFreelace Earphones @HuaweiZA #ProductReview
When not listening to music Huawei Freelace can be just worn around your neck
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