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Saturday, 11 April 2020

Triumphal Arch on Hartbeespoort Dam #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures

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Harbeespoort is a small resort town 60 km away from Johannesburg and it is a perfect spot to rest before continuing your journey to Sun City else this town is sufficient for your picnic or day visit needs. The place is known for Harbeespoort Dam and I am taking you to another end of the tunnel which you won't see if you are crossing for Sun City. To reach this place you need to follow a certain route and you will see this grand Triumphal Arch on Hartbeespoort Dam Wall. 
Triumphal Arch on Hartbeespoort Dam #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
This is the only kind of Arch I have seen in the whole of South Africa if there are more I am totally missing them. Europe and the UK are filled with these kinds of monuments all across their cities. 
Triumphal Arch on Hartbeespoort Dam #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
This place is kind of touch and go type as there is very limited parking after crossing the bridge and you have to walk back to see this monument.
Triumphal Arch on Hartbeespoort Dam #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
Reaching this place is awesome as you drive around the dam and then cross a dark tunnel where the sound echoes and people generally honk their horns to enjoy the moment. 
Triumphal Arch on Hartbeespoort Dam #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
This place is basically a Dam that supplies water to Johannesburg and nearby areas and extra water is released in this Magaliesberg mountains. 
Triumphal Arch on Hartbeespoort Dam #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
This end is filled with a lot of broken branches collected at one end, plastic bottles and polythenes were thrown by people who do picnics and braai (Barbeque) around the dam at various picnic spots. We do need to take care of stuff by being responsible citizens and throw stuff in the right and marked bins. 
Triumphal Arch on Hartbeespoort Dam #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
This is the lamp post and what beauty it is and people do put a lot of locks on the same, I don't know why? They may be doing it to mark their love which might change in some years but the lock will always remain at Hartbeespoort Dam wall. 
Triumphal Arch on Hartbeespoort Dam #PhotoYatra #TheLifesWayCaptures
If you see far in the middle of the photo is the other end of the Dam and I will do post the photos from the other end in another post. If you have one day, you can easily visit Sun City and stay for a while and see Hartbeespoort as it offers a great relaxation spot and has some great cafes and bistro. All the photos are taken using Nikon D7000 at Hartbeespoort Dam Wall.  
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