Monday 3 February 2014

Product Review - BROTHER - MFC-9140CDN

Hi Guys, 

Printer is an old adage as Multi-Function Centres are here to take over them in a big & grand way. No matter what we want to do, having a MFC at home/office is an added advantage. With increased competition in this segment of electronic devices, Brother Inc has also launched a new model MFC-9140CDN with some amazing and never seen before features. Brother India is picking up a lot of customers using its innovative marketing and better products providing value to its users. 

The first thing that comes into mind of a buyer is about the functionality a normal multi-functional printer offers. We all want the same to do scan, fax, Photostat along with the basic functionality of printing. 

Second thing is about the rate of recharges that needs to be done on printer cartridges and that increases in case you have coloured one. 

Thirdly, these days with everything coming into hands using the smartphones so the MFC should have Wi-Fi connectivity and the print command can be fired using the smartphone too. Who got the time to check for the various ports to attach printer to like age old computers but still some people do love their old stuff so finding a middle road to connect with all kinds of machines.

Printer makes your life really easy as it gives you thousands of options to do your art and craft along with office work or making some report or presentation or just going through some article on the go taking printouts. The technology has advanced so much that now I have seen some programs on Discovery Channel / NGC about 3D printing devices creating life like tools and everything using them. 

Brother is one brand that really has an edge over others in this market with it’s right pricing and products. People have suffered a lot in the past and still suffering with the toner/ cartridge costs after buying a cheap printer from other brands trying to capture market. It’s the ink that costs much more than anything else and using cheaper ones wastes a lot of paper via the leakages of the ink/cartridge. 

I got to review this MFC-9140CDN from Brother’s brand and it comes with some amazing features that I fell in love with. The first thing I always wanted to do was to scan all the ages old snaps since my childhood and make a digital copy of the same. It was a very tiring exercise but this device really made it simple. I was able to convert all of my childhood snaps as well as my mom dad’s marriage snaps into the digital versions. 

The next stuff that came to my mind was to give my child a lot of Chhota Bheem and Doramon printouts to colour. The printer made this thing almost easy as she can now do some daily activity with her favourite cartoon characters from Pogo TV. I am really happy that she enjoys doing this now and I am also not worried about taking care of her colouring books after her work is done. 

My wife got some of the stuff she really wanted to try in terms of food recipes and I gave her the same in printouts and we are now having much more fun over the dinner and weekends. 

For me, it was the best as I travel a lot and sometimes misses on some of the books or articles that I always wanted to read. This helps me to gain knowledge and keep in touch with all my stuff. I can now do a lot more with a printer just a smartphone away. 

I will be writing once about what all I could do once I explore the device more and more. But as the device has to be returned back and I had to travel, I could not explore it further so no more posts for this one. Looking forward to review another home printer of Brother India which I can keep for longer period of time. 

Thanks a lot to Brother India for letting me review the device. 


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