Tuesday 11 February 2014

Knowledge is great and so is it's pursuit - Indiblogger & British Council Contest

Hi Guys, 

Knowledge is Great so is it’s pursuit as we travel thousands of miles and millions of kilometres to seek and search for the right master and environment to enlighten us. This has been happening since ages and will continue to happen as we all want the best for us. Whether the learning centre entertains us or not and whether it matches our capabilities or not, or whether we clear it’s entrance exams or criteria it’s all dependent on what kind of education and learning level we have received till now. 

I too have tried to learn with the best possible resources I had at my disposal throughout all these years. The basic criteria behind which institute to choose for acquiring the right knowledge and job thereafter is dependent on several discussions within the family and it’s financial capabilities. There are many factors that affect the decision to finally go and enter the institute. 

The very first thing is the selection criteria of the institute. Which course you are looking for and what kind of exam is acceptable for the same? Whether you are choosing Masters in Engineering or Business? Depending on the same are you writing GRE or GMAT? What is the minimum cut-off score that you need to get into this particular university? How good is your current preparation to write the exam or you need extra coaching for the same also? How good is your English? Whether you need to write TOFEL/IELTS exam also? There are several never ending list of questions that keep popping now and then and somehow the pursuit of greener opportunity gives you the power to handle all this with ease. Even if you can’t then there are several counselling centres opened by universities from all over the world in your nearest metropolitan city, which will guide you through and charges you some fees.

The second most important factor is the overall fees that a student needs to pay along with the living expenses? It also includes whether you are able to take up part time job on student visa to earn your living expenses in that country and city? How much efforts are required to study vis a vis earning your living expenses? In UK, students are seen making pizzas at Domino’s for £6 per hour or at several cash counters in malls. They also need to look at what all kinds of sponsorships or scholarships are available for foreign students and how much they cover in the tuition fees. Is there any bond attached with the scholarship on offer as to after the completion of course?

This is the ultimate deciding factor amongst the middle class Indian families sending their children on foreign education route. 

The third factor that comes to mind is the after course job placement and VISA/work permit rules of that particular country? Job is the one thing that Indians always sees their future in and rest of their lives is dependent on the same too. If you are working for good corporate then you will be amongst the niche and back in India you will get the respect you deserve. Sometimes your course decision is guided by placement of the respective students attending the course earlier year. It basically drives you here and there as all universities say 100% placement hoardings with big fonts. But you need to check on that country student visa restrictions and the time given to international students to stay in the country after the course is over to look out for placement. With ever changing student and international exchange policies of all the countries, this is very difficult to predict as to what will be your future? 

The last factor will be the course content and the international learning exposure that college/university/country will offer you as a whole. It should be always better than the country you hail from. And what is the value of that course in your country in case you have to come back and work in your native country? Will you be able to earn enough to pay on your education loan you have taken for international studies? Are there any chances of racism or racial discrimination happening in the city or university? Will you be able to live in that city/ country based on your food/religion/cultural preferences? 

These are all the factors which I and my family went through while finalizing the university and city to go for higher education. This was a long process but it was worth it as I could perfectly fit myself into a course and university and country which really offers me a great learning experience and a great highly paid job afterwards and VISA to stay in the country and work for the local and international companies. 

London is a great international city and offers a space to everyone to bring out his dreams come true. The city offers a lot of cultural and international heritage and you can learn a lot there. UK has got the rich diversity in it’s various cities and with universities like Oxford, Cambridge you will always be in like minded people. We finalized that this is the city and country which will offer me the best from all over the world. I chose London because of it’s historical importance and financial capital. I wanted to pursue MBA in Finance and wanted work for the best Investment banks. Also there are a lot of Indians in the city and vegetarian food is readily available in areas like Wembley, Alperton, East Ham, West Ham, Illford, South Hall, Hounslow etc. A lot of temples and shrines are also there in areas like Neasden and South Hall. A lot of Indian restaurants are spread over the city like Mala, Masala Zone etc along with the numerous pubs and night clubs to take care of your weekends. The city offers a great learning exposure and you are going to fall in love with the city. Also if you want to see Europe, it’s just a train away and you can backpack and roam around the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Brussels, Munich, Zurich, and the list is endless. 

I had a dream to study in London School of Economics and started visiting the portal to collect all the necessary pre-requisite as already explained. I got the selection criteria and focussed myself into preparing for the same. I wanted to pursue TRIUM Global Executive MBA as I already have the job experience to work in the biggest software company in India. Also the degree will be from three universities which will widen my business and international acumen and understanding. The overall admission criteria is really simple and transparent. The website http://knowledgeisgreat.in/ really helped me prepare to create a reality out of a dream to pursue foreign education. I am really happy with the outcome to come to London and study this international course and making a lot of friends for life. 

Thanks a lot!

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