Monday 3 February 2014

Photo Walk - Gardens of the Nature 2

Hi Guys,

In continuation of the series, some other flowers that I came across and really makes the world a beautiful place. 
 If you have ever visited any garden then it’s the first thing that we notice. 

The sight of looking at a lot of flowers in full bloom really makes our heart happy and grateful.

I feel hopeful that no matter what’s our present state of life, we too are going to have a great time sooner than later. 

 With every passing day, a little bud inside all of us is growing into a flower bringing the best out of us. 


Pictures taken using Panasonic FZ5 
Location - 1. Oxford, UK
2 - Hyde Park, London
3 & 4 - Regent Park, London
5 - Gurgaon, India