Sunday 23 February 2014

Indiblogger & 5 Star Contest - Condition Serious hai

Condition serious hai for those people who have forgot the fun of enjoying life and running around the vicious circle of 99. This may be for the second house, second car or something or the other and not concentrating on what they already have. I myself sometimes feel a part of this condition as I keep focusing on winning the next contest and not enjoying the gifts received from the previous contests. I keep running after Silk where as I have 5 star in the fridge. So whenever something like this struck me, I do relax and think as to even Ambani’s might have 21 floor house but they must be sleeping in a single room at night and that too on the same side of the bed, so there is nothing to run after if you have to die one day. This doesn’t mean that I wait to die but to start living more purposefully and in the present. My future should be secure enough to take care of myself and my family and I want to stay active to live joyfully with my family, friends and relatives.

Condition serious hai for those people who are joining IT companies after doing MBA from not so rated colleges thinking that they will be welcomed like a marketing guru or something. The reality is totally different where you are not given any choice as to what you will do as it all depends on the managers you will be assigned to. They will start their talk with oh! MBA, why did you joined this company? This is not a good company to join after MBA? Then they will ask if you know any technical stuff because it will become handy, if you know it as developers can’t make you fool? You keep thinking inside your mind that what the hell? I didn’t did MBA to know some coding just not to look myself cool in front of a developer or not to be made fool of, I can judge people via my soft skills and networking skills? So this whole game keeps running between managers turned from Developer background and MBA recruited post graduates from various institutes in so called big IT companies.During MBA we are given so much of case studies that we start to feel that we are the one only saviors of the company and with our strategic thinking we are gonna rule the world etc etc. Whereas in reality you are kept much lower than developers because you are just doing some analysis and whole responsibilty lies with the developer only and he only gets the appreciation. So again it's a vicious circle of 99 for all the MBA graduates who wants to make big fortunes by joining all the great IT companies.

Condition serious hai for those people who are joining AAP and thinking that it’s an easy route to become something of power in Delhi and other states. There must be some good candidates but most of the people I think are joining for all the wrong reasons. Once they are in power they will too have a say over something and other things. They will rule out on all the work various national leaders have been doing all their lives from all other parties and hold important cabinet members positions. They just by tagging themselves as non-corrupt politicians will run the whole administration easily and effectively. Though it is necessary but please we all know who doesn’t want to run in this vicious circle of 99 and they will too find out thousand of loopholes in the government to run for money. It requires a lot of courage and selflessness to say NO to a million of rupees in person. It will give you thousands of sleepless nights after you have said NO. You could have had a house in Rohini rather than having it in Indirapuram with that extra money.

Condition serious hai for all those marketers in social media channels working as admins of various twitter handles who falls into the followers count of people. They think if you have 5000+ followers you are something of a brand or so. Whereas they don't know or know that there a thousand of websites which offer free followers everyday and after a while you all reach that level. They never check which type of followers you have, are they some Philippines who doesn't know english also or are they genuine ones? They just want their product to be retweeted thousands times so that they are trending on twitter. Tweeters do makes fool of admins like that as they market themselves promoting that i have 5k followers here and 15k on facebook and that number in instagram. They keep falling for this trap and give good prizes to those people only. In the end all they get is BABA JI KA THULLU! neither all those fake followers know what brand are they, which product they are marketing? and they don't even retweet. It's again a vicious circle of 99 for the admins of twitter and facebook pages.  

So the condition is really serious all over and need to take a look at all the funny stuff Ramesh and Suresh does in 5 Star advts and keep looking at the the Cadbury 5 Star Facebook page also. May be sooner or later you will give it a thought and chill out with yourself and your life!