Wednesday 19 February 2014

Photo Walk - Rest is a necessity

Hello People,

Chacha Nehru have said, that AARAM HARAAM HAI but in this busy and stressful lives, we all do need rest for some time. We feel stressed due to thousands of expectations at office and home so we all need a while to relax and refresh ourselves.

Though sometimes we keep running until someone pushes us out for a weekend trip or some relaxing time near the river or mountains. The time spent with a good company really refreshes us.

And when some more friends joins in our journey it's a lot of fun and laughter that really builds moments to cherish forever.We might have a different view point in lives but rest is a necessity for one and all.

We might just be having sun bath but the relaxation the exercise provides is amazing. I feel happy and refreshed whenever I do so myself and looks forward to bring all the energy gained into my office and personal space to stay on the top of things once again.

Cheers!!! And relax for a while...

Photographs taken using Panasonic FZ5Camera