Sunday 13 March 2022

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Mar 2021 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

March 2021 was the time and moment I have been praying for as my deputation again started from 2-Mar-21 onwards after a gap of 10 months or so. The total salary that I drew from offshore was less than the rent I paid here in Johannesburg for the house and amenities every month so I was on my savings for the 10 months or so. It really gave me a perspective that you need to upgrade yourself to better organisations as and when someone offers your hike and promotions rather than keeping yourself in the same comfort zone of one organisation. I have lived 15 years in a single organisation and they are going to reward me using an R2000 voucher once I complete them in Jun-22. That's way less than the prizes of R5000 radio channels and Twitter handles of various banks are given to random people every week. 

1. @NescafeRicoffy Shares Pride and Respect in Every Sip #NescafeRicoffy #NESCAFERICOFFYRESPONSIBLYSOURCED - - - I received this invite for the first time from Nescafe and attended the session too. I won an R2000 gift voucher from Sandton City along with multiple packs of Nescafe Ricoffy from them which are still going on at my home as well as the kid's nanny's house. I used the voucher to buy Polo South Africa clothes during the black Friday sale and some were spent on Lindt chocolates which I distributed to the PR companies of several brands and other individuals who invited me to their food events from time to time. Later in the year, I had the chance to meet Catherine Constantinides at Acrobranch in Melrose who was the MC at this event of Nescafe. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Mar 2021 #TheLifesWay
2. Movies @MontecasinoZA Brings Back the Magic of the Big Screen #MonteMovies #ZamundaRoyalsZA - - I received this unusual event to attend the movies at Montecasino where there was a movie for kids as well as one for adults. I was part of both the events and somehow I won in both the lucky draw contests to receive myself Coca Cola goodies, as well as Tomato Watches which I later gifted to my relatives. I really like watching movies at the theatre as compared to watching them on streaming platforms. 

3. UNO® Celebrates 50 Years of Bringing People Together #UNO50 #UNO50SA @Mattel - - Mattel South Africa sent their UNO gift package on the occasion of their completion of 50 Years and this gift is such a unique one. I have kept the same in the package to date and only checked it again as I wanted to get some photos of the package. UNO is one of the games I learned and then beat all the players not once but twice in a friendly game in London. 

March 2022 is already is a great month as I am getting some new opportunities to look forward to. I am able to complete the 20 kilometres I planned for every week and am on my way to reaching 1000 kilometres by the end of the year. I am also on the way to complete my 42 Years of Hanuman Chalisa prayers by the time I wanted them to be over. I also bought a lot of stuff that I always wanted to buy and now don't have to look towards any trade exchanges rather they have to pay me if they want me to do anything on my social media channels. 

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