Tuesday 1 March 2022

A Gaming Adventure to Celebrate with @SamsungSA Curved Odyssey G9 #GamingMonitor

Hi Friends,

Samsung's Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor is just like its namesake - A long series of adventures waiting for you to celebrate. Samsung's 49-inch curved monitor is ready to indulge in the best resolution your eyes can possibly see at a 240hz refresh rate and infinity core lights on the back gives stunning RGB effects to make everyone watching you jealous to the core.

Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor is an experience that you want to have in your life but it does come at a cost that is suited for you if you put in hard work to earn the same. I have been enjoying the same for some days now and the way it helps me finish tasks is really great as I can open up to 3 different screens at one time on the ultra-wide 49-inch high definition screen. Now I have switched back to my old monitor, my eyes are complaining about all the resolution differences they can find between both the screens. 
A Gaming Adventure to Celebrate with @SamsungSA Curved Odyssey G9 #GamingMonitor
It's really is a grand experience which you only like if you have felt it and I felt to my core of having something so unique which gives me an immersive experience to learn, hear, see, watch and be in my focus zone all the time. Let's look at some of the features of this amazing Samsung Gaming Monitor. 

1. 49 inches Curved Screen - The 1000R curve really provides you with an immersive experience and it's just like 2 27inches monitors side by side but without the black bezels and also the curve is now suited to your eyes. The main feature of the gaming monitor is the screen and this is the only feature for which you should go and buy your monitor. The dual QHD display screen has a 240 Hz refresh rate & 1ms super-fast response time with Quantum Dot technology which creates vivid colours and you will definitely enjoy all your content on this one. The HDR 1000 provides the depth required to realize the level of details in every scene of the game. For gamers, high refresh rates and super-fast response time makes a great difference as their reaction can be immediate and fast and they can save themselves from the incoming fire in games like Call of Duty and Fortnite. For car racing games too, it really helps as you can see the sides of the car in its curved screen, what's coming from the front, who is catching up on you and have a real experience of driving the car from the comforts of your home and mind you without any petrol/diesel consumption. NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro support will match every frame from your graphics card which is an amazing feature. The aspect ratio of this ultra-wide panel is 32:9 and it was difficult to watch movies/video content via the VLC player as you could go a certain width and the rest of the screen still is black on both sides but for games it's awesome. This display definitely requires a big table to set up at home. 
A Gaming Adventure to Celebrate with @SamsungSA Curved Odyssey G9 #GamingMonitor
2. Infinity Core Lighting - The back panel has amazing colour customizations available for you to match your gaming setup. The light is not that bright if the gaming monitor is facing the wall then it's of no use but if it's matching the door, the people are going to be so so jealous. The first time I saw it at a Samsung experience zone, I fell in love with the oscillating light colours but when I was using it at my home setup, I didn't even see them as the monitor was facing the wall and the light is not so bright to reflect much on the wall or the curtains. 

A Gaming Adventure to Celebrate with @SamsungSA Curved Odyssey G9 #GamingMonitor
3. Controls and Customizations - There are so many features that are available to the users from Picture-in-Picture to Eye Saver mode which reduces the blue light. Moreover, you can switch on the various picture modes from dynamic to gaming to movies to natural to theatre as seen in the Samsung TVs and other monitors. The height of the display can be adjusted along with the direction from left to right (swivel -15 to +15 degrees) and up and down (tilt -3 to +13 degrees) as per your seating arrangement. It can be wall-mounted but then will take away your infinity core lighting experience. The version I received has 1 HDMI port v2.0, 2 display ports v1.4, 1 USB hub, 2 USB ports v3.0. There is a button at the bottom which is a joystick type to switch the monitor On/Off and other settings. It took me some time to get used to it but really intuitive. The monitor is white in colour and all controls and cables can be hidden using a plastic detachable panel on the back as well as on the stand. The rest of the monitor is black in colour and is made up of nice glossy plastic which really gives premium look and feels. The package comes with a power cable and an HDMI cable long enough to make full use of the display even in a standing position. This is a heavy monitor and weighs around 17 kilograms so needs a little bit of care to move around. The box is also huge so as to take on the curve and could only fit on the back seat of my Honda Civic door to door. 
A Gaming Adventure to Celebrate with @SamsungSA Curved Odyssey G9 #GamingMonitor
Overall this is something so valuable so unique that I am still missing the monitor and my eyes are struggling and longing for the Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming monitor. The overall quality of the product is awesome just like any other Samsung product. If I have the money earned in 2022 via all my social media posts to reach the price of this product, I will definitely put my money to buy this thing rather than any camera or gimbal or laptop etc. That's how much I feel to have this extravaganza for my eyes after spending around R34000, you can have it too in your life from Samsung online store in South Africa. 

Here is my unboxing and assembling the Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor which I really enjoyed over the review time I had with him. 

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