Tuesday 1 March 2022

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Feb 2021 www.thelifesway.com #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

February 2021 I didn't do much of the posts as I started on a new project and was really busy as I was trying to learn the ropes. I was so grateful in 2022 that I was not only doing a lot of prayers but also getting a lot of goodies from various new brands which contacted me on their own. I celebrated my marriage anniversary at the Hard Rock Cafe last year and this year I celebrated alone as my wife went on a trip to India.

1. From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom - 2nd Edition by Manoj Arora #BookReview #FinancialFreedom - https://www.thelifesway.com/2021/02/from-rat-race-to-financial-freedom-2nd.html - The Rate Race to Financial Freedom released their second edition and I re-read the same and followed some of the principles in the book and I intend to read it again. Manoj Sir has also launched another book named FOOPS! also, I am ordering a physical copy to read once I receive it here.

2. Every Day is Pizza Day! #SugarsBakery #Edenvale #Pizza - https://www.thelifesway.com/2021/02/every-day-is-pizza-day-sugarsbakery.html - I was invited to Sugars Bakery to try out some of their products, especially pizza and really loved the bakery. The desserts and loaves of bread are also nice at the bakery. There is also live music on the weekends and ample parking for everyone to enjoy the same. You should definitely try the same.
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Feb 2021 www.thelifesway.com #TheLifesWay
3. Musical Maestro to Serenade #SouthAfrican Fans This Valentine’s Day @BluBloodSA - https://www.thelifesway.com/2021/02/musical-maestro-to-serenade.html - It was a nice concert during the lockdown last year and I totally loved the amazing performance of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan on Valentine's Day of 2021.

I ordered the expensive Canon printer cartridges (almost the cost of the new printer) for the first time from Takealot.com but the same got over really soon and then the printer again went into hibernation mode. I really felt that it didn't print the mentioned amount of papers in colour and black n white. I felt that one should never buy these cheap printers costing around R1000 but rather go for the ink tank based desk printers for home. They are expensive to buy initially but the cost of operation is really cheap as you can see the ink at all times and it will work for a long long time. 

I watched Drishyam 2 in its original language Malayalam and it was worth watching. I am still waiting for the Hindi sequel to come if it will ever but really enjoyed watching the same. 

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