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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Equipping Gen Z For The 4th Industrial Revolution @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyJPro #5YearsofTheLifesWay

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Generation Z – those born between 1996 and the present – are watching less television than their predecessors. Instead they are spending all that free time on their phones. In fact, they are spending over 15 hours a week on their smartphones, which are a mode of introduction into global technology. To better usher Gen Z’ers into this era of hyper connectivity, Samsung introduced the next level of sophistication to its Galaxy J series range.

“The new and exciting Galaxy J Pro series consists of the Galaxy J5 Pro and Galaxy J7 Pro models and is poised to enable Gen Z’ers to enjoy a smarter life with a phone that has premium Samsung Galaxy range features, a stylish body design and enhanced camera technology at an affordable price,” says Rui Brits Senior Manager of Product Marketing, Samsung South Africa.

Those Gen Z’ers old enough to enter the workplace are already jacked into the connected era of the internet, memes and social media. They are an always-on generation and demand quick access to the information they need. Which is why the J7 Pro’s Always-On Display, which enables consumers to check information at a glance without waking up the screen, is the perfect feature for these users.

Equipping Gen Z For The 4th Industrial Revolution @SamsungMobileSA #GalaxyJPro #5YearsofTheLifesWay

Not only is this device practical, but it is also beautiful and comfortable to hold. The J Pro series models introduce a sleek design with a body made of metal and 2.5D glass. The curved back accentuates its fluid lines and provides a perfect grip for watching movies or playing games. It comes in a range of colours to suit everyone’s style.

But what would any smartphone be without the ever-evolving camera? The Galaxy J5 and J7 Pro series helps consumers take clear, bright photos. With its bright (rear: F1.7; front: F1.9), high-resolution, 13 MP cameras, it’s especially perfect for taking selfies in low light conditions. The Selfie Flash complements the front LED flash by turning the entire screen into a second flash to brighten your face, while a great selfie with friends can be taken by show of palm - without touching the shutter button.

Samsung wanted to bring our customers a new and exciting smartphone that meets their lifestyles, tastes and budgets. We are confident that the Galaxy J Series Pro (2017) will appeal to existing and new customers seeking a beautifully designed, powerful smartphone from a premium brand, all at an affordable price point,” Brits said.


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