Tuesday 28 November 2017

29 Days To www.TheLifesWay.com 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Perseverance

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Continuing the journey of the 5th year anniversary for my baby whom I grew from strength to strength and which kept me alive by giving me enough motivation and passion to carry on despite nothing turning out as I desired. Perseverance is a powerful skill and if you have the same, you can do wonders. I will tell you a story from my life where I got something great in my life by following this principle of life. 

I created my twitter handle @araijain long back on 14 Dec 2009 when I got the first Google Android Smartphone G1 from my brother who used to work for Google. It was a lovely smartphone which defined what is Smart and what lies beyond in the world of technology. I really loved the Google G1 because of its full-fledged sliding keyboard and ability to increase the memory using the micro-SD card. As it was the first smartphone from Google, it used to get the latest android updates till version 2.3 it got and after that it was kind of incompatible with the next versions of Android Operating System. I used it throughout my London Stay before getting migrated to Google's Nexus One smartphone so as to play Angry Birds on the same. 

29 Days To www.TheLifesWay.com 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017
At the Hyde Park Venue for UEFA Champions League Wembley Finals 2011
Coming back to the story of perseverance, it was during those times in London, I came across an advertisement in the Metro newspaper for the UEFA Champions League Trophy 2011 where the finals were to be held in Wembley Stadium and UEFA is organizing an awareness campaign in Hyde Park, London for the week following the finals. I had no clue about the football but only used to see people buying and wearing merchandise from Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and many such teams sponsored by many brands. Though I used to live right next to Wembley Stadium but never watched any football match before that time. I asked my friends if they want to go to Hyde Park on Saturday to attend the Road to Finals event but they declined other than 1 who said he wants to come and see the trophy live. 

We reached and venue and saw all the stalls setup and tried our luck in various competitions all day long. UEFA stall girls who were from Germany and were not fluent in English did some partiality in terms of handing out the right prizes to us when we answered some of the questions in one of their main stalls. We were happy with what we got and visited several of the stalls from video games to actual tshirts signed by biggest players. Messi was gaining much popularity and people were supporting him a lot. Meanwhile, my friend figured out all the 12 questions answers using a gang of Chinese people who were non-stop participating in the contest. We were not aware as to why and what’s the top prize but came to know when we also go our 12 questions correct in the online system. Not only I got the bagpack or the football as the prize but also stood a chance to see the finals at Wembley Stadium. Till that time our strategy was to get all the prizes nominated for 1 to 11 right answers and collect all the unique UEFA memorabilia. Crazy huh!!!

29 Days To www.TheLifesWay.com 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017
With one of the Adidas soccer balls to be used in the Wembley Finals 2011
After a hectic day where I also got into the finals for that game where you have touch the blinking light in the fastest hands with the fastest time around to be called for the next round on Sunday, I reached and slept in my room. Next morning again I went alone to play the second round but could not perform better than the first day so couldn’t reach next round. 

Disappointed with my performance I was walking and enjoying the Hyde Park when I received a call from the UEFA team that I have won a Digital Camera to come and collect by a certain time. I became so excited that I ran to the main stall and waited there till the time the executives came and handed me a brand new Sony HDR 120GB Handycam in my hands. It was a moment of true joy and I thanked all Gods and everyone and immediately followed the principle of perseverance again by participating in the quiz contest. Rest story will be in another post tomorrow.

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