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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Product Review - @AcerAfrica Predator Z650 DLP #Gaming Projector @PredatorGaming

Hi Friends, 

I fell in love with the Acer C205 portable projector when I first received the same to review and still have the longing to have it back in my hands. But when I received a heavy box similar to what can be the box of Desktop PC Case, I was thinking what's the little beast inside which has taken so much of space and not so easy to carry around. As I went back to my home in the evening, the first thing I did was to open the box to see the contents inside. It was the awesomely awesome Acer Predator Gaming Projector named Z650. 
Product Review - @AcerAfrica Predator Z650 DLP #Gaming Projector #Gadgets
As I setup the device and connected my laptop to the same using the HDMI cable, I was simply awestruck by the clarity of picture and the sound this device produces. I found it difficult to find a wall in my home to do justice to this technological innovation from Acer. Predator I always used to like the logo and the products they manufacture for gamers but using the same is a different experience in itself. 
Product Review - @AcerAfrica Predator Z650 DLP #Gaming Projector #Gadgets
Acer Predator Z650 comes with a carry bag (suitcase type) so that the same can be carried around easily and is made up of good quality stuff. Quality shall not be a concern when you are spending ZAR 25000 on a projector, be rest assured everything will be taken care of. As I unzipped the carry case I came across the lovely beast in Red and Black color combination and immediately fell in love with this gadget. Also the package included a pair of 3D glasses with its charging cable. 3D glasses works only if the same are charged and my parents loved Avatar movie projected on the wall using the Predator Z650 3D enabled ON. 
Product Review - @AcerAfrica Predator Z650 DLP #Gaming Projector #Gadgets
Let's talk about the several feature of the Acer Predator Z650 projector - the best among them I liked the most is the built in Stereo Speakers with 10W power output for each speaker. The DTS sound quality was high enough to be able to hear to the dialogues of the movie or TV series whichever you are watching. I had to reduce the same literally so that my neighbors doesn't knock the door and ask me to lower the noise.Though the internal fan makes some noise about 30-33 dB but if you are not sitting next to the projector, you won't listen to the same during your movie night. One thing to warn here is that don't block the air vents next to the projector fan as it can build up extreme temperatures and I found out that it can easily keep my tea lukewarm in a bone china mug.
Product Review - @AcerAfrica Predator Z650 DLP #Gaming Projector #Gadgets
Second feature is of-course the resolution quality of the projection on the wall and this Acer DLP (Digital Light Processing) Predator is capable of Full HD 1920X1080 resolution at 16:9 aspect ratio. The lamp can illuminate the 2200 lumens of brightness levels in economy mode. The contract ratio is also great at 20000:1 and 1.07 billion colors can be produced using the latest tech Acer has built inside this projector. The lamp life depending on various modes (normal, economy and extreme eco) is between 3000-6000 hours. The focus can be adjusted using the manual ring and the height using the adjustor under the front portion of the projector and one of the legs can also be adjusted to keep the projectors line of horizon balanced. 
Product Review - @AcerAfrica Predator Z650 DLP #Gaming Projector #Gadgets
The Acer Predator Projector has built in Bluetooth in case you don't want everyone in the house to keep awake while you play games, you can connect your Bluetooth enabled headphone with Z650 projector. Z650 also has Wireless HD capability using a special kit to stream loseless 1080p content wirelessly. The build quality of this device is awesome and it will definitely last many years in your house or man cave. It's a must buy gadgets on my wish list from Acer. There are several kinds of audio and video connections on the back side of the device including HDMI, MHL, USB, RS232, VGA in/out and many others.
Product Review - @AcerAfrica Predator Z650 DLP #Gaming Projector #Gadgets
As I was using this projector, it came to my mind that I should sell my TV and buy this projector for life as it has better and bigger screen size with Full HD resolution, capable audio outputs, portability to carry it around, easy connecting ports, 3D content conversion capability with 3D glasses, Game Mode and many more features which requires so many blogposts. The power consumption of Acer Z650 is around 424 Watts and the whole unit weights around 3.5 kilograms including carry case. 
Product Review - @AcerAfrica Predator Z650 DLP #Gaming Projector #Gadgets
In the end, it's surely a device which can create a Cinema inside your house but comes at a price but can save you from standing in the queue of tickets or popcorns and soda at the actual multiplexes. I would love to again have the same for some weeks to watch Game of Thrones all seasons till date and to watch Lord of the Rings series. Thanks Acer Africa for the opportunity to have a Predator at my home for some days. 


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