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Monday, 6 November 2017

Product Review - @AstrumSA ET300 True Wireless Freedom Headset #Bluetooth #Earphones

Hi Friends, 

I simply love earphones and since the launch of Bluetooth versions in all kinds of earphones and headphones, it has became more and more useful to a lot of people around the world. No more tangling and snipping of wires as you run to catch your morning bus or trains. I have been using my Bose in-ear earphones wired ones since many years now and the cable now has starting showing the wires inside and on the verge of breaking down so I was looking at all those new product launches by several brands like Samsung, Bose, Apple, Sony and many others. The price range is too high and there are not many features in any one of the model as compared with Bragi Dash. 

I was invited to rAge Expo 2017 and as a part of media kit, I got the choice to choose between Astrum slim speaker and other Astrum True Wireless Headset ET300 in white color. I immediately chose ET300 model so that I can try out their products at my leisure and enjoy the music wirelessly. 
Product Review - @AstrumSA ET300 True Wireless Freedom Headset #Bluetooth #Earphones
Let's checkout some of the product features which I found to be useful and loved the most. The first being the Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity but the product can only work within the boundaries of a room of 10m as beyond that the connection loses with your smartphone or tablet. And the best part is that each earplug can work independently in case you don't want to use both of them together. You just have to switch ON one of them by pressing on the middle portion of the unit and by long pressing it starts blinking blue and red meaning that bluetooth pairing is ON. As you put them into your ears, it tells you by voice command which side is which. If you just want to use both of them, then simply switch them ON and they get automatically connected to one another and then you can long press one of them to get connected the unit to your bluetooth enabled devices. 

Product Review - @AstrumSA ET300 True Wireless Freedom Headset #Bluetooth #Earphones
Both the earplugs gets settled in your ears easily and comes with various silicon earbuds in small, medium and large sizes and one pair of ear hooks to keep them on your ears in case you take them to running or gym etc. The sound quality on Astrum ET300 is awesome in the price range at which it's available in the market which is around ZAR 600. I simply adored the audio quality and was amazed at how good it is considering Astrum was not a well known brand to me.
Product Review - @AstrumSA ET300 True Wireless Freedom Headset #Bluetooth #Earphones
The device comes with a case which doesn't have any internal battery but can be used to charge the earplugs and to take them with you while not in use. The only con here is the plastic cover of the charger which comes out of the socket easily as it doesn't have any locking mechanism and can be lost in your bag while you travel. The ear units are magnetically attached to charging pins inside the charging unit. I was expecting the case to have some battery backup but at this price range it's difficult to ask. 
Product Review - @AstrumSA ET300 True Wireless Freedom Headset #Bluetooth #Earphones
The total product weight is around 50 grams and each unit has around battery capacity of 40mAh which easily gives music time of two and half hours max and can be charged to full capacity in around 60 minutes. These can be charged using the case with a micro-USB cable provided inside the package or from your android smartphone charging cable. The cons here is that ear units can't be charged if they have ear-hooks on them which is a pain to take out all the time after every 2-3 hours because you first have to take out ear buds and then ear-hooks. When the battery is low, voice prompts warns you to charge the device before finally switching off the device automatically as the battery voltage lowers 3.0V value.
Product Review - @AstrumSA ET300 True Wireless Freedom Headset #Bluetooth #Earphones
The Astrum headsets ET300 can also be used to take hands-free calls and when the call is over, you will go back to the music if that's being played earlier. You can use the earphone to accept the call using the central button to answer the call by shortly pressing the same. If you press the button for 2 seconds, it can also reject the call and will voice prompt the same too. You can mute the microphone during the call by double clicking on the central button and same to undo the same. 

Product Review - @AstrumSA ET300 True Wireless Freedom Headset #Bluetooth #Earphones

Overall, in the end I must say that I love the Astrum ET300 headsets and is using them daily for atleast one charge though I would have loved it more, if it would have come with a charging case with some battery backup. Go checkout the device at many of the online retailers or at Tech House in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. 

As I was checking online, I just saw that a new version of the device ET300 has been launched with all the cons taken care of which I have written for the review of the White ET300 True Wireless Freedom Headsets I received in my media pack but looking forward to review them too. 


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