Wednesday 29 November 2017

28 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Perseverance

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#Perseverance Part 2

Nobody believed my luck that day as I called my friend who was with me and also that day I had my house owner's daughter's birthday party so I returned immediately after getting the Sony Handycam from UEFA executives. As I was sitting in Jubilee Line to go to Wembley Park, I was all smiles as I always wanted a Handycam and thought that now I can make awesome videos from the same. London really fulfilled many of my small and big dreams and I simply love and adore this city!

Coming back to Perseverance, as it was London Summer time the sun used to set very late in the evenings and UEFA stalls used to get closed around 630-700pm. I used to leave office around 530 and reach Hyde Park to participate in the online contest at the stalls. I did it continuously on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and right on Thursday afternoon, I got another call from UEFA that I have won 2 tickets to the Finals between Manchester United and Football Club Barcelona. Again, I was overjoyed and collected the tickets in the evening that day. I couldn't believe my luck and it was awesome to win the prestigious tickets to the Finals of Champions League Trophy. 

Perseverance is what kept me going on my blog as I continue to face discrimination despite creating content which is above average and giving ROI to brands much more than they deserve too for free. I have used my channels to promote a lot of brands from whom I have never got anything in return. As I celebrate my 5th anniversary of the #TheLifesWay I won't work for brands those who are not invested in me unless it's their first or second post with me. I also have family and also need time and money to work on myself and all these social media handles so there has to be a reward for the same. 

28 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Perseverance
Somewhere in Scotland, United Kingdom on a Road Trip in April 2011
Another story of perseverance in my life is all the facebook contests where there is some app and you need to play certain levels to win once you clear all the levels. Similarly, an Indian gaming website once had a campaign where you can redeem the points collected by playing their mini-games for a Hand Blender. I had heard earlier from my mom how much she desired the hand-blender so I thought it to be the right opportunity to work out the plan to reach that levels of points and earn the hand-blender for my mom. I worked for continuous 10 days playing a lot of games each evening after office hours at home till the time my eyes automatically used to shut down. I reached the level and ordered the hand-blender without the knowledge of my mom and took the delivery of the same in my office and then when I traveled back to my mom's place 275 kilometers far and gifted her the same she was so happy. I thought that my perseverance has paid off big time that day. 

Once I have set my mind to achieve something no one can change the same until I get that thing. I have that in me but it doesn't mean I have not struggled in my life. My life has always been a Life of Pi because I was born on 22 July so numerically its 22/7 which is a Pi value. The Life's Way is my love and passion which gives me smiles all the time I look at and some unfulfilled expectations which I am working towards on a daily basis. 

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