Friday 1 December 2017

27 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Dreams

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The Life's Way is going to celebrate its 5th birthday in 27 days now and the best thing that has happened is the launch of Anytime Anywhere Magazine South Africa Print Edition on 29th November and it features 2 articles written by me. Minimalism in Digital World and Margate: A Nostalgic Journey. It's my first experience and I am looking forward to all the comments/tips and tricks of the trade. Here are the links to the online magazine.

Another story from my life belongs to the part where I always had a dream to drive an SUV for more than 2500 kilometers. It happened in India when we planned to travel to Allahabad for a friend's wedding from New Delhi on a road trip of 700 kilometers in Tata Safari. Tata Safari used to be the most sought-after vehicle in the SUV category because of its huge legroom and boot space along with a comfortable ride. As we started picking up friends in the evening, we planned a stopover after 200 kilometers for the night at her house. During that time we laughed, enjoyed and loved the journey all the way to Mathura. On reaching her house, we were served with the best food and comfortable night stay. But alas! as morning happened, I received a call from my wife that my daughter who was still 3 months old at that time was not well. She told me to come back immediately as we need to take her to doctor. I could not continue my journey any further and I had to return by roadways bus back to Gurgaon.
27 Days To 5th Birthday Celebrations #5YearsofTheLifesWay #27Dec2017 #Dreams
Somewhere on the highway where you need to take a diversion to Lake District
But another chance to fulfill this dream came in London when we planned a trip to Scotland during one of the Easter holidays and we planned a road trip of more than 2500 kilometers along with 4 friends. It involved visiting several places and booking accommodation at all those locations. We booked a category B car for the trip so that it's comfortable and can carry our luggage for the whole trip. When we reach Enterprise Car to pick up the car for the next morning ride to Lake District, to our surprise the guy gave us an automatic Chevrolet Captiva LT. It was awesome and took me some time to get adjusted to the automatic gear-box. As it was my first time, it gave me a hard time to find out how to open the petrol tank? It was so funny as I went through the manuals and took some 10-15 minutes standing in front of the petrol pump.

I started driving that night at 230am and continued to drive till 1100 pm in the night covering 1200 kilometers from London to the Isle of Skye via Lake District in a single day. It was an awesome trip and I felt very happy to be fulfilling my dream to drive an SUV for more than 2500 kilometers. Thank You, Universe! We always have a lot of small and big dreams and we shall always try to fulfill them sooner or later. Also, we need to keep making new dreams all the time as that gives us Hope to carry on and work towards them! 


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