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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Product Review - @SamsungSA Level Over Ear #Bluetooth #Headphones @SamsungMobileSA

Hi Friends, 

Samsung Electronics is one of my favourite brands and why not - I have been the winner of their first ever Blogger's Challenge in South Africa. I have been asking them to send me one of the Level Over-Ear headphones but it was only some time back I got to test the same as they were in-between PR company changes. Samsung is not made to do small things, they always Aim and Achieve Big Things.  Product Review - @SamsungSA Level Over Ear #Bluetooth #Headphones @SamsungMobileSA
As I simply love headphones and earphones and I attract a lot of them in my life for example if I win some contest - the prize will be headphones, If I attend some event the goodies bag will have headphones or earphones etc. So my whole life revolves around Earphones and Headphones. But now I really want to have a smartphone as my need and desire on my 5th year anniversary of The Life's Way.
Product Review - @SamsungSA Level Over Ear #Bluetooth #Headphones @SamsungMobileSA
Samsung Level Over Headsets are Bluetooth (3.0) and NFC enabled which covers your ears comfortably and can be wore for many hours without any discomfort which has been made possible due to the soft and supple polyurethane cushioning on both headsets. The Level-Over Headphone has ergonomic features and a sleek, minimalist design which not only makes good to look at but a beauty when you wear the same on your ears. Not only this, once you switch ON the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) you are in your own world as it totally cancels the exterior noise and you can focus on the task at hand.
Product Review - @SamsungSA Level Over Ear #Bluetooth #Headphones @SamsungMobileSA

The Samsung Level Over also gives the option to work wirelessly (bluetooth range is upto 10 m) and with wire when you forget to charge the unit or due to extreme travel you could not. Music will never stop on this headset and with NFC you can just connect it to any smartphone with just a TAP. The headset comes with a carry case and cable with 3 button remote controller and MIC. The headsets Li-Ion battery is charged using the micro-USB cable supplied in the package. The battery provides with play time of 15h (Bluetooth Mode with ANC), 30h (Bluetooth Mode without ANC), 25h (Wired Mode with ANC), Unlimited Listening Time (Wired Mode without ANC).
Product Review - @SamsungSA Level Over Ear #Bluetooth #Headphones @SamsungMobileSA

Samsung Level Over weighs around 350 grams and comes with 1.2 M cable with 3.5mm headphone jack to plug into your devices. Samsung has also introduced several little features in to the device such as Volume monitor which cautions users to reduce the volume in case you are exploding the headphones at full volume for long period of time. Also, when you are calling someone from a noisy environment, voices can still be clearly heard. While you are listening to music, you can enable the message alerts and scheduling reminders to be heard on the Level Over as notifications.
Product Review - @SamsungSA Level Over Ear #Bluetooth #Headphones @SamsungMobileSA

The next best feature is the smart touch panel on the side of the headset to control the play, pause, song movement and volume up and down buttons along with call receiving and call rejection. This takes time to get adjusted to in case you are using touch kind of headphones for the first time. The smart touch panel works with S-voice or may be Bixby now if you are connected to a Samsung smartphone only.
Product Review - @SamsungSA Level Over Ear #Bluetooth #Headphones @SamsungMobileSA

In the end, let's talk about the feature we all buy headphones is for it's sound quality. Powered by 50mm driver unit with high-quality neodymium magnets this Samsung Level Over produces an amazingly strong and realistic sound. I really loved listening to some of the bollywood tunes as well as my favourite singer Taylor Swift. Samsung's Sound Alive equalizer gives more customized features in case you are using Samsung smartphone. The impedence of headsets is 41 Ohms and 50mm speakers are fitted with Bio-Cellurose Diaphragm. The sound is balanced with not too much of bass but you can control that with Sound alive to make it as you like it. I generally like the Classic equalizer setting or on the Voice mode.
Product Review - @SamsungSA Level Over Ear #Bluetooth #Headphones @SamsungMobileSA

In the end, this model is now out of market (launched in 2014) but as I have received it later in it's life (August 2016), I just wanted to finish using those images I have taken of the headset. The new model is already launched by Samsung as Level Pro, go check out the same and I know you won't be disappointed with the quality.


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