Wednesday 29 November 2017

Phone Protection – It’s A Clear Cut Case @Moshi_Life #iPhoneX #5YearsofTheLifesWay

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The much-anticipated local launch of the iPhone X is upon us. Apple's 10th anniversary offering is loaded with plenty of high-end hardware and new features, including Face ID that unlocks the phone when users look at it, and wireless charging.

But getting the latest smartphone in-hand is only half the battle won. Sure, you’ll have the best technology at your fingertips, but all that will mean nothing if your device is not adequately protected - and personalised (a floral touch is not for everyone, after all).

Moshi, a San Francisco-based lifestyle brand, and a global leader in mobile accessories, gives us the lowdown on choosing the right cover for your phone.

Supreme Screen
If you’re going to buy a screen protector, go for one that’s designed specifically for your device – and make sure it’s durable, shock-proof and scratch-proof. With the high cost of repairing an iPhone screen (and repairing the new iPhone X’s screen set to be more expensive than any of the previous versions), it’s a good idea to have a solid case at hand. You wouldn’t want to be one of the 23%* of iPhone users walking around with a cracked screen – it’s not a good look! You’ll also want to choose a screen protector that’s as thin as possible with rounded edges (like Moshi's AirFoil Glass) so that screen clarity and touch sensitivity is maintained.

Oh flip
Flip-open or wallet-style covers are stylish and pocket-friendly. They’re a particularly good option if you intend on transporting your phone in a bag, because they offer all-round protection. Wallet cases also allow you to carry your cards, cash, and iPhone in one sleek form factor. Plus, they double as convenient stands for watching videos and browsing the web. When choosing a wallet case, make sure it has a weather-proof and durable exterior and a shatter-proof frame. Also, make sure all buttons and cameras remain fully accessible so you don’t need to remove your iPhone to take photos or videos.
Phone Protection – It’s A Clear Cut Case @Moshi_Life #iPhoneX
Slim and Clear Cases
Many iPhone lovers choose to go cover-free because they don’t want to ruin the inherent beauty of a slim, sleek phone – especially when they select a metallic finish that they love. The good news is that some of the latest sleek cases mimic the look of an iPhone, and in the ultimate fusion of design and functionality, offer drop-protection. When choosing a sleek case, make sure you don’t skimp on quality that will leave your phone exposed. Another bonus that the Moshi covers have over other brands is that the case is made of a hybrid material instead of pure silicon that tends to turn yellow over time.

Convinced? Here are Moshi’s top picks to fit your phone and your lifestyle:

1. For the girls who set trends
- Vesta X in Bahama Blue, Herringbone Grey or Blossom Pink

This protective patterned case, made from fabric and with a metal frame, will add a touch of chic to your phone. The ultra-slim design allows you to show off your new toy and the TriClear coating makes sure your device is protected from dirt and scratches while in your handbag. What’s more, if your foundation or any other make-up product gets on the case, don’t stress about stains – all you need to do is wipe off the case with a cloth.

2. Calling all adventure seekers

- Moshi Running Kit or Biking Kit

Tired of having your phone damaged with every jog or jump? Moshi has the solution to getting the perfect picture or action clip without damaging your phone. Each kit is made using HexCore architecture to protect your phone from falls, as well as a quick-release function for when you need to access your device.

3. The glam guide
- iGlaze X in Armour Black, Pearl White or Taupe Pink

Looking for an accessory that will add instant glam to your iPhone? Look no further than the iGlaze – its sleek, glossy look will fit right into your urban lifestyle.

4. Social media stars, this one’s for you

- Vitros X in Crystal Clear, Raven Black, Jet Silver, Orchid Pink or Crimson Red

An affordable cover for those who like options, Vitros comes in a range of fun colours with a high-gloss finish. Your phone remains fully functional even when it’s laid flat, thanks to the raised bezel.

5. Why so serious?

- StealthCover X in Champagne Pink or Gunmetal grey

This magnetic cover offers 360° protection, allows you to check your notifications without opening the cover, and its sophisticated design looks great paired with a suit and tie.

6. Catch me on the move
Overture X in Caramel Brown, Luna Pink or Charcoal Black

An all-round organiser, this leather wallet case has space for three cards and features a folding stand for watching videos on-the-go. It doesn’t stop you from accessing your buttons or camera either. What more could you want?

Where to find Moshi

Moshi phone covers and accessories are available at the following stores in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria: Digicape, Digital Experience, New World, as well as online at Shop and Ship and To view additional authorised resellers, go to


More information about Moshi …..

Moshi is serious about product design. A rarity in the accessories business, all of Moshi's products - including tooling - are designed in-house, from the ground up. These factors are key in ensuring that every Moshi product is consistently of the utmost quality, reasonably priced and unique from what is commonly found in the marketplace.

International presence

Moshi began with one product - a camera pouch - and today produces more than 450 products in an array of categories, ranging from phone cases, screen protectors and portable batteries, to audio cables, adapters and travel essentials. The brand has a sales footprint across all continents and its products can be found in more than 80 countries. Plus, it has enjoyed a presence in South Africa for over seven years.
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