Sunday 5 November 2017

Product Review - @ADATATechnology HD650 2.5" External Hard Disk Drive #Gadgets

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We all love technology and with the increasing pixel size of the camera and the HD quality of movies, we all are always in need of digital space. Though there are newer cloud technologies coming into the market to make some space on our devices but then we are always skeptical about saving our data online as some events of hacking has showed us during the Game of Thrones episodes released online or the hollywood stars personal images going viral or various other data thefts happened on some of the online networks from big brands. 

I remember my journey of data crunching (as we may call it) to collect data from friends and relatives which is unique and not with me on their desktop computers. I used to take my 20GB hdd out from my desktop PC and then take it to the friend's house and get some stuff like mp3 songs, movies, books and softwares. I subsequently migrated to 40GB and then 80GB with an external hard disk casing setup brought by my brother from Singapore. When my brother bought a Sony PS3, he exchanged his 40GB hdd for 200GB hdd and I bought a small 2.5mm casing to use the same. It worked but as the movie size increased and the greediness to keep all the good movies on the hard disk, this space too became less and full. 

Product Review - @ADATATechnology HD650 2.5" External Hard Disk Drive #Gadgets
I bought one Transcend 640GB portable hdd from Nehru Place, New Delhi but that hard disk didn't lasted more than a year and died when I was using it to transfer data from some friend in London. It came with a 5 year warranty but could never got it replaced using the Brand's after-sales mechanism. Then I bought a Western Digital 1TB Elements hard disk which is still working with some bad sectors which I formatted after a span of 5 years losing some data in the process. 

Here in South Africa, I came across ADATA Technology's HD650 Portable 2.5" Hard Disk in 1TB version which was just 201 gram considering it has impact absorbing rubber coating and 3 layered construction to keep the original disks safe and your data intact. The hard disk is simply covered with a silicon case just like we cover our smartphones. Other than that it also has an exclusive plastic shock structure casing to take care of certain things silicons covers are not able to. To add extra protection, the hard disk is equipped on a cushioned mounting making it unique and great on paper. 

Product Review - @ADATATechnology HD650 2.5" External Hard Disk Drive #Gadgets
The hard disk looks good and the plastic case is resistant to any types of scratching and marring. The transfer speeds are fast with compatible USB 3.0 interface. It's backward compatible also which means you can still use the same with your old laptops or desktops with 2.0 USB type connection. The approximate actual hard disk capacity is generally 93% of the total marked by manufacturers so we get around 931 GB on this one. 

The transfer speeds are great on my old Dell laptop which has a USB 3.0 interface and I could transfer the movies and data from my laptop to the hard disk very fast and same was true when I returned the data back to the laptop. I was not brave enough to play with the review hard disk and throw the same on the ground but I felt it can take some rough handling and can be used when you are on a traveling as the build quality is nice.
Product Review - @ADATATechnology HD650 2.5" External Hard Disk Drive #Gadgets
I am thinking of buying another one to use it for all my travel to different locations and as and when I stay in any of the hotels with big TV and entertainment units, I can plug in my own content in the NTFS formatted hdd as most of the smart TV's are Linux based and unable to recognize FAT32 formatted hard disks. Adata offers a 3 years warranty on it's HD650 and is available in Black, Blue and Red colors. I really loved the Red color in this hard disk.

Go checkout the Adata HD650 if it suits your requirements and check out some of the other products by the brand too.

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