Tuesday 20 June 2017

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - May 2016 www.thelifesway.com #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

May is the time when a lot of products actually comes in the market and there is a sudden flood of review posts rising up across the internet across all social media channels. Last year, May 2016, I also welcomed my parents in the country and they really enjoyed their stay in Johannesburg. It was some great moments spent with them as I was meeting them after a very long time and we saw several new places in and around Johannesburg. 

1. Product Review - Huawei P8 @HuaweiZA #IgniteP8 - http://www.thelifesway.com/2016/05/product-review-huawei-p8-huaweiza.html - The packaging of this smartphones is still the best I have ever seen and after this one they started doing Leica dual lenses in their cameras and I didn't got the chance to review any of the Leica capable units.  Within a year or so they have launched the P10 so how can think how fast Huawei is outgrowing the market in terms of it's market share. Whether I am part of the brand or not but I value the aggressiveness with which company is leaping forward. Kudos!

2. Product Review - LG G5 @LGMobileSA #LGG5PlayMore #Smartphone - http://www.thelifesway.com/2016/05/product-review-lg-g5-lgmobilesa.html - I was part of the launch and also got the handset to review during April - May and the camera on this smartphone was awesome. I did win some Mall of Africa contests using LG G5 camera and uploaded a lot of photographs of the mall on my Instagram channel. This year, LG didn't invited me to the launch of LG G6 and today only I saw they have blocked me on their twitter channel. I wish they could have told me to unfollow or stop tweeting about their products etc and I would have simply obliged. Anyways, their LG G5 was awesome phone. 

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - May 2016 www.thelifesway.com #TheLifesWay
3. Product Review - Acer C205 LED #Projector @AcerAfrica #TheLifesWay - http://www.thelifesway.com/2016/05/product-review-acer-c205-led-projector.html - This is something I would love to own as I immediately fell in love with this pocket but capable LED projector from the house of Acer Africa. I have never seen such cute projector and loved watching some movies with my family using this Acer C205. I am waiting for the price to fall on any online shopping websites for this product so that I can buy the same before my birthday. 

4. Product Review - BeoPlay H2 #Headphones @BangOlufsenSA #BeoPlaySA #TheLifesWay - http://www.thelifesway.com/2016/05/product-review-beoplay-h2-headphones.html - I love headphones and the sound quality on Bang and Olufsen headsets is simply amazing. This comes in various colors and I really loved these red colored headsets. I have not bought any new headsets this year but ANC from Bang and Olufsen are the ones I would love to buy. 

5. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - May 2015 www.thelifesway.com - http://www.thelifesway.com/2016/05/a-memoir-this-month-last-year-may-2015.html - It gives me immense pleasure to always remember how the past has served me to take me to the place where I am now. I had this small idea of starting my blog and now it has crossed 1.5 Million pageviews since Dec 2012. I have worked for so many brands, so many are still with me, so many have left but it's all part of the #SocialMedia game. With changing people in the PR companies, your work also gets migrated to the another agencies as people keep their friends and acquaintances close in this industry. 

Looking forward to work on doing a lot of posts this year and take the pageviews to 2 Million by the end of  Dec 2017. 


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