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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - June 2016 #1200BlogPost

Hi Guys,

June 2016 was the time when I was busy every weekend seeing some of the great places every weekend with my parents and family. We travelled far till Clarens to Pretoria to Walter Sisulu to Emperor's Palace to Soweto to Fordsburg. I have still not shared the images taken from those times but be rest assured the same will come live on my Instagram channel soon. 

1. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - June 2015 #TheLifesWay - - Keep connecting the dots and you will understand how amazing are the wonders of life. I am grateful to the Almighty Lord for granting me more than I deserve and keep giving me new dreams to fulfill using the skills I have. Thanks once again!

2. A #Brand in Feature - @HuaweiZA #Huawei #SouthAfrica #TheLifesWay - - I spent some long hours to write this piece of articles based on my experiences with the brand. I think they took it seriously and removed all the great gifts from the goodies bag they used to give in their smartphone launches. But I am still working towards and following up on getting a Leica dual lens smartphone sponsored from the brand but still no luck is on my side. 

3. A #Brand in Feature - @SamsungSA #Samsung #SouthAfrica #TheLifesWay - - I have been the consistent supporter of the brand for free and have used my social media channels to extensively aware everyone about the products and services of Samsung. This year I was not invited to the launch of S8 and because of the same I didn't get the Galaxy S8 smartphone which was given to invitees to keep and use. Such a bad luck for not getting invited and loving the brand I felt for the first time. Anyway, it took me some time to write this article last year and it's a nice memorial article to the brand.
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jun 2016 #1200BlogPost
4. Product Review - BeoPlay H7 @BangOlufsenSA #BeoPlaySA #TheLifesWay - - Bang and Olufsen really creates an audiophile's dream world with their niche products but the only problem is the price tag they have on those products. To me that problem was not an issue as I could use the review device for some time and then return the same thinking that one day it will come back in my life but it doesn't happen in real world. 

5. 3SIXTY Launches New Menu @MontecasinoZA #3SixtyNewMenu @TsogoSun - - Montecasino has been my consistent supporter through thick and thin and I have also promoted all their brands from time to time. They might not call me to all the events because of the long list of influencers they have but I have covered their all activities on my social media channels. Thanks to the PR company and the brand for inviting me. 

6. 13 Ways To Help You #Snap Like A #PRO @LGMobileSA #LGPlayMore - - As I told you earlier also the camera on LG G5 is awesome and I really admired the device a lot. But on a different thought, my blog is covered with so many LG Electronics posts in May and June and today I came to know that they have blocked me on twitter is really sad. I am unable to digest this information but read the article, you might discover and learn something new. 

Do not blindly trust anyone and always ask for the benefits it will bring for all the associations you partake with all the brands. It's always best to set the expectations right from the start as you both go out winning and content. With my 1200th post, I vow that I will raise this question to all the brands with whom I am working currently and in future as to what benefits it holds for me and them?


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