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Monday, 12 June 2017

#AcerForGaming Breaks Through Gender Bias @AcerAfrica

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Have you ever played Candy Crush, Tetris, Farmville, Solitaire or Minesweeper? Then you are in fact categorised as a gamer. #AcerforGaming is embarking on an endeavour which will showcase the company’s commitment to the development of woman in gaming. In an event last night in Johannesburg, Acer along with leading professionals and enthusiasts hosted an event aimed at showcasing how accessible and valuable the Esports industry really is.

When the term gaming comes to mind the stereotypical thought is to envisage teams of young adult males spending days in isolation clutching controllers and staring at computer screens, a label Acer is set on changing in the near future. One of the most astounding facts that have recently come to light is that 41% of gamers are in fact female, many over the age of 50.
#AcerForGaming Breaks Through Gender Bias @AcerAfrica
Pippa Tshabalala, presenter, avid gamer and mother of two recalls fond memories of how she started playing games on a video console at a very young age. According to Tshabalala, gaming has been an integral part of her life which she has now also introduced to her sons. South African born, Sharon ‘ShazZ’ Waison has been gaming from the age of 13 and now competes internationally, already boasting several titles among them as winner of the Copenhagen Games where she partook in an all-girl group. ShazZ is one of the latest female gamers taking steps to challenge the dated idea of gaming.
#AcerForGaming Breaks Through Gender Bias @AcerAfrica
Although the world of gaming may seem like an unattainable abyss, according to both gamers you simply need to start by deciding on what ‘game’ you like to play and start there. "Lately we are seeing more women stepping up and being more comfortable to play games – a phenomenon we are welcoming," says Belinda Marais, Marketing Manager of Acer Africa. Playing Candy Crush and Farmville have been known to assist with innovative problem solving and utilising resources. Something that many decision makers within the industry are required to do. “You may be of the opinion that you are simply passing time and playing to relax, however you are building strong skills without even realising it” Acer has the Nitro Series, VNitro and the Nitro 5 which are versatile machines that double up as day-to-day devices and fulfil your gaming needs.
#AcerForGaming Breaks Through Gender Bias @AcerAfrica
Some criticism in gaming has been that it may lead to unsocial behaviour, but Tshabalala disagrees, “My sons love playing outside as much as they love playing PC Games. For me it’s all about a sense of balance in all things. SHazZ also mentions that being disciplined and exercising self-control to manage gaming in your daily routine, “Everything in moderation”.
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