Monday 12 June 2017

Marketing is Facing the Literal Deadline by Nick Sarnadas @MadexExpo #Madex2017

Hi Guys,

There has been a cartoon doing the rounds for many years of two dinosaurs perched on a rock watching Noah’s ark floating away in the distance carrying a gamut of animals and a speech bubble stating an expletive, referring to the realisation that these massive creatures have indeed missed the deadline.

This example is still very apt in today’s environment, where every business aspect is embracing digitalisation, and those who are not, fear being left behind with their prolonged existence at risk.

By the same token, today’s marketeers must speak a different language and communicate this through digital channels in order to reach a new species of customer – the digital native. No longer can marketing make the “old” world their playing field, but they need to venture out and seek greener pastures beyond.

Academic institutions are realising this too, with numerous courses on online marketing and social media being offered. Companies are placing job adverts seeking the right people to drive their online and social media campaigns, and those with digital knowledge are the ones assured of a workplace.
Marketing is Facing the Literal Deadline by Nick Sarnadas @MadexExpo #Madex2017
Fact is, digitalisation impacts marketing strategies. It is a means to expand your business and to reach new customers. Digitalisation is changing entire business models and is offering value-added opportunities. You simply cannot miss the boat and risk being left behind.

Promoting and selling products and services over the Internet are critical. It is the New Economy, and the explosion of the Internet and its users attests to this. Businesses are no longer bringing products and services to the market, they are also no longer marketing to customers. The golden key today is collaboration in marketing. It’s about building partnerships and relationships. Working together with your customers.

Media today is being consumed via the Internet. You need to ensure that your business can be found on this platform, just think Google searches. You therefore need to work with your customer to help them find what they seek. This makes your social media strategy as well as your policy paramount to your business.

The consumer has become someone who wants answers now; no matter where or when. They want to play with the information available to them, gain value from it, and, they want it personalised – about them and their circumstances. Above all, they want this whole process to be fast and painless.

You are today talking to an immeasurable customer base located anywhere in the world. We understand that this is tricky. It is not just about having the app and the backbone, it is about entwining the people to this technology.

To assist you in making sense of digitalisation in marketing and to gain greater insight into this journey, we have created Madex, a show presenting the next step in marketing evolution. Please visit for more information and to register for your free attendance. We look forward to catching that boat with you.

Expo expert extraordinaire, Nick Sarnadas is the Madex 2017 event director at Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery. With enough coffee, Nick feels that all things are possible – they might be highly unlikely, but they are possible.

Madex 2017 was held on Wednesday, 07 June 2017 and Thursday, 08 June 2017 at the Sandton Convention Centre so if you have missed the same this year, keep your eyes on the website for the next year dates. Check out some of the photos on my
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