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Saturday, 3 June 2017

@AcerAfrica Announces Entertainment-Oriented #Tablet with Quantum-Dot Display #NextAtAcer

Hi Guys, 

Acer announced a series of 10-inch tablets including the new Iconia Tab 10 (A3-A50) designed for premium multimedia experiences, and the new Iconia One 10 (B3-A40FHD) with dual micro-USB ports for flexible connectivity options. Powered by quad-core MediaTek processors and Android 7.0 Nougat, the new tablets provide a responsive user experience and up to 8 hours of battery life. Wide-viewing-angle IPS displays and five-magnet speakers provide a great audio-visual experience, while 802.11ac wireless provides blazing-fast network connections.
@AcerAfrica Announces Entertainment-Oriented #Tablet with Quantum-Dot Display #NextAtAcer
Iconia Tab 10 – True to Life Colors and Audio with a Punch
Designed with media consumption in mind, the Iconia Tab 10 (A3-A50) features a display with Quantum Dot technology, offering a wider color range with higher brightness, deeper saturation and better accuracy for dramatically more vivid visuals. An Acer-patented subwoofer offers an extra punch while maintaining a slim profile of under 9 mm in height, while four speakers provide a richer and more immersive audio experience. The Iconia Tab 10 also features Acer MediaMaster which allows users to set preferences for different types of movies or music.
Acer Iconia Tab 10 (A3-A50)
Iconia One 10 – Enhanced Productivity with Dual Micro-USB Ports
With dual micro-USB ports and OTG support, the Iconia One 10 (B3-A40/B3-A40FHD) provides enhanced productivity as it allows the device to be charged and connected to external devices such as storage or a mouse at the same time, while a Bluetooth keyboard can be connected for text input. Android 7.0 also supports multi-windows and quick app switching, which further increases the device’s versatility.
Acer Iconia One 10 tablets
Smart Tools that Simplifies Tasks
The new Iconia Tab 10 and Iconia One 10 tablets feature smart tools developed by Acer that simplify everyday tasks:
  • EZ WakeUp – With simple gestures, the tablet awakens and loads a pre-selected app of choice.
  • EZ Snap – Makes it easy to take a screenshot with a simple three-finger pinch. Images can be easily edited and shared.
  • EZ Mode – Allows users to customize the system interface so that access to specified apps and data are restricted when sharing the tablet with family, friends or children.
  • Memory Cleaner – Manages the device’s memory, storage, and apps to optimize system functionality.

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