Wednesday 22 March 2017

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2016 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

This is seriously three months late but the work life has been hectic and to write a post from your heart needs that you have to be listening to it at least. I love The Life's Way and tries to devote whatever time I have on the same but sometimes due to stress and tiredness I am unable to even open my personal laptop. 

2016 have been great for my blog - reached out to new brands and some of the brands said bye! Change is the only constant thing in this world and I did 396 blog posts for the whole year. January 2016 as usual was the slow start of the year as I only posted for some of the brands like Acer, Huawei, MonteCasino and Native VML.

1. 3 Years of #TheLifesWay #Birthday #Blogpost - - At the start of the year, I shared my vision for 2016 and tried to achieve the same during the course of the year. More will be covered in a separate post for the 4th year where I will share all the achievements and targets for 2017. Thanks a lot to all the brands across the world!

2. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2015 - - Looking back and connecting dots have been a continuous series on my blog and I shall follow it more religiously going forward. It gives me a look and review of the posts which were important and which were just promotional material for brands. Though I continue to promote a lot of brands but this year I think I will ask all of them for sponsorships if they want to feature on The Life's Way.

Aashish Rai - Blogger #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra

3. Huawei Introduces the Mate 8 Globally @HuaweiZA #Smartphone #CES2016 - Huawei and Swarovski Brings #SMARTWATCH Jewel and Elegant #CES2016 @HuaweiZA - Huawei is becoming a global world leader in the Smartphone industry by introducing several series of phones for all types of categories. Mate 8 was launched last year at CES 2016 and this year Mate 9 was launched at CES 2017. I really loved the Huawei devices and have been trying to get a sponsored device but no luck on the same. Let's see if brands notices The Life's Way this year!

4. Acer’s New 11.6-inch #Chromebook @AcerAfrica #CES2016 #Portable - Acer's Liquid Jade Primo #Smartphone #Windows #CES2016 @AcerAfrica - Acer TravelMate P648 - Commercial Notebook #CES2016 @AcerAfrica - Acer launches a lot of new products and gadgets from projectors to notebooks to tablets and smartphones at the CES every year. Some of these products reach South Africa and some doesn't trade in the country. I have been covering all the devices from Acer as and when I get any press release from them. Thanks to the brand to reach out to me from time to time.

5. iCAPTCHA - A New Way Of Learning #Languages @Native #SouthAfrica - Telling Stories through #Tweets By Atiyya Karodia @NATIVE VML #SocialMedia Manager - Native VML is global social media company and their managers wrote these amazing piece of content which I shared on my blog. The material is relevant to the social media times of today and also using iCaptcha we can learn local languages one word at a time.

Happy New Year 2017 to All and I wish that all your dreams which you work towards gets achieved as soon as possible! Don't lose hope and continue to work towards creating your unique mark over the world!


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