Saturday 18 March 2017

@UCookSA Supports Harvest of Hope @AbalimiHOH #Organic #FoodSecurity

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Online dinner kit delivery service UCOOK has a long-standing partnership with non-profit organisation Abalimi Bezekhaya, its preferred supplier of organic, quality produce. As of this month, UCOOK will be expanding on this partnership by contributing a portion of its gross profits to the organisation’s upskilling urban farming project, Harvest of Hope.

UCOOK’S permanent partnership with Abalimi Bezekhaya Harvest of Hope is set to re-invent the brand’s procurement strategy moving forward. The collaboration means UCOOK’S customers will receive an increasingly diverse array of organic vegetables, but the real value lies in the socio-economic impact of the affiliation.
@UCookSA Supports Harvest of Hope @AbalimiHOH #Organic #FoodSecurity
Abalimi is an urban agriculture and environmental action association that strives to create employment, as well as conserve and reinvigorate the natural environment.

The organisation trains and sponsors residents in disadvantaged Cape Town neighbourhoods by teaching them to grow sustainable organic vegetables in order to feed themselves, their communities and most recently to supply the food industry.

“We’ve been using Abalimi for the better part of a year now,” says Chief of Operations, Menno Brouwer. “We have been exceptionally impressed with the quality of produce that we’ve received.”

To date, UCOOK’s involvement in the Abalimi’s Harvest of Hope project has been strictly commercial, but as of March 2017, the business will be donating a sizeable portion of its gross profit to the NGO. The funds allocated will go into further developing Abalimi’s permaculture projects, increasing the variety of vegetables farmed, hiring new people and creating new gardens for the presently unemployed to care for and nurture.
@UCookSA Supports Harvest of Hope @AbalimiHOH #Organic #FoodSecurity
Co-founder of UCOOK, David Torr, believes it’s imperative that companies start giving back to the greater communities in which they exist. “Gone are the days of excess profiteering at the expense of others. The successful brands of tomorrow must open themselves up to this way of thinking, or risk being washed into obscurity by the wave of conscious consumers beginning to dominate the buying space at large.”

UCOOK is one of SA’s fastest growing e-food business. With nine new mouth-watering recipes to choose from each week and fresh, organic ingredients delivered to your door, evenings spent in the kitchen have never been easier or more inspiring.

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