Saturday 18 March 2017

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On the 11th of March, the Fry’s Family Food Co. put on the “Come cook with Deena Naidoo” event, combining great food, and information about healthy eating, for their loyal customers.

“Come Cook with Deena Naidoo, powered by the Fry Family Food Co.” took place at the Sibya Casino, making use of their outdoor boma. The weather more than played its part, and participants were treated to a beautiful morning of cooking demos, food, health talks and prizes - all courtesy of Fry’s.
Prawns & Tomato Salsa #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
Fry's Prawns & Tomato Salsa
A big focus at the event was health information; “Soy is often demonized with many believing that the phyto-oestrogens contained in soy can cause feminizing effects in men and lead to breast cancer in women; both being completely false. In fact soy protects against the effects of high oestrogen levels and also protects against breast and prostate cancer. There are huge health differences between GM and non-GM soy and it is clear that non-GM soy is in fact great for your health and actually protective against the very diseases it has been demonized for.” Says Dr Paul Palmer, a plant based nutritionist and chiropractor who gave the audience members an informative talk on The Myths about Soy.
Cape Malay Coconut Curry #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
Cape Malay Coconut Curry
Celebrity Chef Deena Naidoo – South Africa’s first Masterchef - captivated guests with his take on meal time classics using Fry’s products. Guests were then invited to come up and cook with him while learning culinary tips and tricks along the way. Deena produced three dishes: Prawns and Tomato Salsa, Cape Malay Coconut Curry Served With Charred Apricots and Tuna Style Snacks - which can all be found on the Fry’s website.

Over R7,000 in cash prizes were given out, and guests were treated to a buffet lunch ranging from mini bunny chows, Fry’s Chicken-Style Strip stir fry, gourmet burgers and more. “It was a lovely, enjoyable morning for us. The food was delicious and Deena was entertaining and informative. It was a really interactive event, I loved it! We were so well taken care of.” one of the guests, Mireesha Narsai from Kloof said.
Tuna-Style snacks #TheLifesWay #PhotoYatra
Tuna-Style snacks
With Ramayana period around the corner it just made sense for Fry’s to host an event like this; showcasing that when fasting, or reducing your meat intake, you can still make cooking fun and delicious. Fry’s also wanted to give back to our loyal customers and show our gratitude for the years of support.

The Fry Family Food Co., The Post, and Sun International are taking this event to Carnival City on the 25th of March where participants will be hosted by the hilarious Karou Charou.

Booking is essential and those interested can do so by emailing T&C apply. Go check out this amazing workshop as I attended one two years back and it was the most wonderful and tasty experience.

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