Monday 20 March 2017

Book Review - The Jeera Packer by Prashant Yadav @FingerprintP #theJeeraPacker

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The Jeera Packer is written by Prashant Yadav who graduated from IIT Kharagpur, IIM Ahmedabad and Stockholm School of Management. The topic he chose to write his fiction book, "The Jeera Packer" was Uttar Pradesh politics and reminiscence of the hit man (shooter) who now is running a groceries shop with his wife.

The story unfolds as he meets his old trainee and associate who is now a State minister in the government with all the flashy red light cars while his boss of that time is now the Chief Minister of the state. In a turn of events he came to know about a truth for which he now wants to take revenge from the Chief Minister of the state. He is helped by an old associate from his past and best friend,  Adbul who now repairs Bullets motorcycles. The story is not new and you will get the feel from the start that the hero of the novel will definitely try to assassinate the Chief Minister. 

How he will and how to cover that up with his day to day life as a grocery shop owner where he packs Jeera in the basement is what the whole novel is all about. He could have been packing anything else too but Jeera if you see it, is a necessary part of all our curries, chaat, snacks and daal. This novel is a good read if you love a lot of characters and then tying them all together with the things you love. Motorcycle, guns, gang war, extra marital affairs, sex, media, TV channels, politics and entertainment is all there in the novel. I could predict the story from the start but in the end there are some twists which leaves you amazed and with those characters whom you wouldn't have wanted to be with. 

Book Review - The Jeera Packer by Prashant Yadav @FingerprintP #theJeeraPacker
The Jeera Packer has a lot of punch in the characters as all of them have their own small world and selfish reasons to reach the top position in the state or may be in the country. In between the author has thrown in regular day to day issues within our society and cities we live in from eve-teasing to building maintenance charges, the caste system and inter-caste love marriages. Reading this novel you will feel connected to some tales you must have heard or read in the newspaper which keeps you occupied and involved in the story. I am sure that you won't put down this book until you reach the end. Chapter after chapter the mystery deepens and you build that connection with the characters and love the same too.

In the end the takeaway from the book is about building the "Taj Mahal of my life" which can be anything one can be passionate about. For me it's The Life's Way blog and spending time on working and creating content for the same. This book is definitely a worthy read and enjoy the book on a bus/train ride or place where no one disturbs you as it will bring in a lot of nostalgic and memorable moments from your lives too with which you will feel connected to the author immediately.

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