Wednesday 15 March 2017

Space is Infinite And So Are #ColgateMagicalStories By #Children

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Moon and Stars are the first attraction that I was fascinated towards in my childhood. Some stars used to bright more and some less, some used to create a pattern and some didn't. Sometimes some of them used to move around the same time which later I came to know as satellites sent to space by humans. But always the world of SPACE was filled with never ending questions and curiosity to know more and more.
#ColgateMagicalStories By #Children
My daughter too is fascinated by the Magical Space and various adventures that comes with these. Starting from the basics of planets and Milky Way Galaxy, she always has a lot of questions. We then go and find out all the answers to those queries on the internet as with each of her new question, I too learn new things. 
Space is Infinite And So Are #ColgateMagicalStories By #Children
Colgate has come up with three packs of "Magical Space Adventure" where it have given every buyer a unique experience to create more than 15 space characters from the packaging of toothpaste. The kids and adults alike can cut those pieces and create any story they are fascinated about. The story can be anything from mystical Alien Planet to Zero Gravity Space Walk to further magical world of dreams and fascinations.
#ColgateMagicalStories By #Children 2
My daughter is fascinated by the recent movies on space travel including The Martian so she was more inclined towards the space walking and floating in the spaceship. But before that her query was how we reach the stars and how much time it takes? She was thinking that it will be just like going to nearest burger joint or maximum to her grand mother's home and she can be back home in no time. Never she could think that it's a huge effort and lot of science that goes into getting to space.
Space is Infinite And So Are #ColgateMagicalStories By #Children
It took a while for her to understand that it's not like car travel and it will require a lot of patience to learn more about stars before we can actually be there. Still science has not solved all the queries which an adult mind has too. But in her own world and on her study table, she has decorated all the characters cut from the empty packs of Colgate. I know she will be fascinated by something else soon but from time to time, she will come back to flashing twinkling little stars again and again.

#ColgateMagicalStories By #Children 3
You too checkout these Magical Space Adventure packs and let your child weave their own story and create a magical life full of dreams. We never know when the inspirations from Kalpana Chawla or Sunita Williams can hit our child and they do aspire to reach for the sky too! Check out more -
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