Sunday 22 June 2014

Movie Review - The Invisible Woman (2014)

Hi Guys, 

The Invisible Woman is a story about the unusual love between two persons with lot of age and social difference. It's a historical romantic drama about Charles Dickens and Nelly Ternan. The movie's cinematography is awesome and musical background is great.The movie got nominated for the best costume design at the Oscars.

The acting and direction of Raplh Fiennes is amazingly great and he is able to bring Charles Dickens character to life. Felicity Jones has acted well too and played her character very well. The movie has it's own pace and brings a lot of real life events as it happened. The movie brings that era to life with it's setup and clothing.

The movie is awesomely great for the readers of Charles Dickens as the movie showcases a lot of playback of novels in the form of Writer's reciting the novel etc. A lot of words from the literature is used and definitely a fan will be in love with the movie. My knowledge of the same is very limited and I don't remember if I ever read one of his writings in my school days. But now after watching the movie, I will definitely like to go through some of this work. 

Charles Dickens wife character is played by Joanna Scanlan and she really weaves the powerful & emotional representation of the whole situation. She has seen the rise of her husband and his popularity amongst the London, Manchester and Paris crowd. She also sees the attraction as it starts to happen between her husband and Nelly. She could see the emotional distances as it builds between her and Charles.

This story is a real representation of budding love, lost relationships, self-consciousness and conscience as you go through the emotional drama at it's best. The movie will keep you on the edge of your seats and might bring some tears in your eyes. 

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