Sunday 1 June 2014

Product Review - Frais Monde - Brutia Uomo Men's Shaving Range

Hi Guys,

It's been a pleasure to try out different range of luxurious shaving and bathing products when it's been gifted to you by your relatives from abroad. You must have been ignorant about the brand and suddenly you are using some of the amazing products from the same making you realize that what you have been missing in the likes of Gillette etc. 

Frais Monde is an Italian brand which is equally famous in USA. I received these amazing Brutia UOMO men's range of products in a jute bag. 

The packaging contained three tubes with Italian names. It is Caema Da Barba which is a Shaving Cream. Emulsione Dopo Barba which is a After Shave Lotion and Bagno Doccia Tonificante Stimolante is a Toning and Invigorating Shower Gel. 

The first time I used the Shower Gel, I was like wow! the fragrance was amazing and it felt so fresh after taking a bath using this gel. The products are really great and comes at a good cost. 

I really loved the Shaving cream as it gave a nice foam and really left good fragrance on your face. After-shave lotion is equivalently great to be used after the shave. It really heals any cuts and gives a nice feeling. 

Overall it's a great men's range and you will like to use it for yourself or to gift it to someone on his birthday or marriage. I have really fallen in love with these products and will try to make full use of them while they last. 

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