Sunday 22 June 2014

Product Review - Sennheiser Adidas - PMX 680 Sports

Hi Guys,

I have always been in love with Sennheiser products and destiny brought me together with PMX 680 Sports band earphones whereas I ordered Klipsch S4i Rugged from Incredible Connection website on sale. Somehow they never sold Klipsch and yet it was showcased on their website to which they offered me these earphones for all the confusion created. Thanks a lot to @IncConnection for this awesome product. Though this one doesn't offer any mic and phone usage capability but these are great for racing and jogging. 

Sennheiser Adidas Band earphones are very lightweight, weighs almost 18grams and gets fixed around your neck into your ears. They are very much comfortable to wear during your workout and for your other laptop working usage also. They are sweat and water resistance which makes them worth their price. With a frequency response of 18-20000 Hz they produce nice natural sound with an impedance level of 16 Ohms. They are loud enough so that your will be able to enjoy your music through thick traffic also. 

The best thing I liked about them is the color of the device, it comes in parrot green color along with some reflective coatings at the right places. It has a volume control cable which can be attached to the main headband. I have used the headband with ipod Shuffle and I didn't wanted to use the volume control cable as I can easily attach my ipod to my tshirt. I am sure enough that these earphones will give me enough motivation to do my 5 kms training asap.

These headband types earphones are not in-ear ones but the regular old school ones but the earphones design is perfectly right and just produces music in your ears for your listening pleasures.These ones comes with 2 years warranty and comes with a nice storage pouch, foam ear pads and cable clip. This is my second Adidas Sennheiser product as my first one is CX310 which I wrote about earlier in my blog.

PMX 680 has DuPont Kelvar cable that produces no noise disturbance as you run and cable touches your body or clothes. This cable also provides longer durability for these kind of earphones. I really loved these earphones as it challenged my love for in-ear earphones which provides noise isolation due to it's design. I could not find any sound or quality differentiation between them and CX310.

Sennheiser is a great company and I am still in pursuit for their MOMENTUM on-ear headphones which I am sure will get one day to review or as a gift. Till that time this is my free service to the company and my passion towards the headphones that makes me write more and more about their devices. 


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