Sunday 29 June 2014

Photo Walk - Sunset of Life

Hi Guys,

We all have watched Sun setting itself against the backdrop of mountains, sea, river or houses every now and then. We are so eager to see the same also when we are at some hill station or on holidays. 
Is it about the beauty and colors related to setting of the sun we want to see or is it the time to reflect on that life is short and death is near?

I always think that life is too short to focus on our ego and expectations of others. Why can't we be selfless for everything we do? Do we fear that people will take us granted? Do we feel that it will make us more vulnerable? 
Death is the ultimate truth and once you have reached that phase, all your ego, hopes, feelings, money everything will be left behind. You will have to break away that bond between you and all the worldly things that we acquire all throughout our lives. Death is not a comfort zone we wanted to go into but Yes, I want to detach myself from all these things so as to die comfortably. 


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