Sunday 1 June 2014

Product Review - KINIVO BTC 450 - Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit

Hi Guys, 

KINIVO is a multimedia accessories making USA based company which is really making it's way into the hearts of its users. I have always been in love with the bluetooth devices and headphones so I thought of taking Kinivo's BTC450 which is a handsfree car kit for a ride. This device is 2.1+ EDR bluetooth ready and can be connected to Apple, Android, Blackberry and Lumia products alike.

The product comes in a small packing and looks beautiful in it's round shape. The product can be easily connected to your mobile devices having bluetooth and the music and calls can then be streamed through your car's audio speakers. The bluetooth connection is easy to connect and the device is powered using the Cigarette adapter so no worries about the battery life etc. Also the adapter which is connected with the dial has the option to charge other USB devices. The aux-in plug needs to be connected to your Car's audio system and you are ready to rock and roll. 

The multifunctional dial which you see has buttons to skip to previous and next songs. The muti-functional button at the center of the dial can be used for various operations esp playing of the songs and accepting the call. It has a small microphone built into the dial.

The hands-free kit can be attached with the help of adhesive tapes which comes with the package to Car's dashboard anywhere you want to. Once connected to the dashboard, you just need to plug it in the cigarette charger to switch the device on ready to accept the incoming bluetooth streaming from your mobile or tablet.

I really loved this amazing KINIVO BTC450 product as earlier I was using Sony's MW600 (using Aux in cable bought separately) which has in internal rechargeable battery for my car which usually lasted for some hours and then I was out of music for quiet some time during my long drives.

The product comes with a 1 year warranty but I don't think anything will happen to device within that year if you take care of the cables and not accidentally pull then or cut them.

The market is flooded with a lot of original and fake products in this segment but some of the brands really stood out. Kinivo is making it's way to become a brand which will be recognized by music lovers for it's specialty products making music on the go available to accompany your life anywhere you want to. 

They company also makes various speakers ZX100 & BTX350, bluetooth headsets BTH220 and various other accessories for day to day use. 

I am looking forward to blog about Kinivo's ZX100 in it's various colourful avatars as soon as I receive the same. 


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