Thursday 5 June 2014

Movie Review - Tokarev

Hi Guys,

Tokarev is a 2014 action crime thriller movie starring Nicolas Cage as the main lead. The movie is a murder mystery where the main lead has to recheck his past life associations so as to find out who has kidnapped and killed his daughter. The movie has a lot of raw and gang-war action. The movie reminds me of "Taken" but that is something this movie will never be able to touch. The story of revenge in Tokarev is nothing new but the twist, in the end, makes it worth watching one time. 

The supporting cast includes Rachel Nichols, Peter Stormare, Danny Glover, Max Ryan, Judd Lormand and Pasha D. Lychnikoff and the movie is directed by Paco Cabezas.
Tokarev is actually the name of the Russian gun, the character has some association with in his past life full of crime. The movie is one of the other crime mysteries which goes about the killing spree between two gangs as the story unfolds. I really like Nicolas Cage's acting but this movie is not really worth the effort and time. You can watch the same as and when it's on a TV movie channel.


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