Sunday 29 June 2014

Photo Walk - Water and it's fall

Hi Guys,

Gravity and it's ways are same for everyone and sometimes this makes the equation really nice for visual pleasures only in case of water. We don't like other things falling from the sky on us.

The water looks as pure and white when it splits itself into many parts and then rejoins again after the fall.

It gives us hope that we too can be broken down by expectations, self criticisms and other goals but after the fall we can again find our broken parts and regain all the strength to continue the life's journey.
Yeah, there will be something of us which will be left behind as it was too small that it could not regain itself after the fall - It will be our "Ego" that during the fall will encounter a lot of shattering and that's best for us.

The lesser you are proud, the more you will be humble to accept the fact that you too have seen the fall.


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