Wednesday 17 April 2013

Soldier for Women – My wife’s Brother

Hi All, 

A woman is the whole of nature wrapped up beautifully and sent to the world to make it a better place. She has the power to create, nourish, nurture, love and heal. Today, right from the moment the doctor tells a mother the three golden words, "It's a girl", a strange fear tugs the mother's heart. Fear of rejection, fear of what might be done to her because of the lack of that primarily important Y chromosome and the greatest of all, the fear of her little angel having to deal with rapists, eve teasers and dowry seekers. Each breathing moment carries a feeling of helplessness in the parents' hearts, when they see the apple of their eyes out alone in this big bad world.

In those moments of truth, it’s the brother/cousins who are of your own age and always acts as your friends for life. They are the protector and always are ready to go the extra mile to save you from all praying eyes. My wife is totally devoted to his brother Avanish who made her stand on her own feet. He helped her did ICWA and when that didn’t fetched her the job, he helped her to pursue MBA. He even helped her financially with the coaching fees, books, filling up all the forms and travel expenses. As she took admission to a prestigious MBA college he helped her with monthly expenses throughout for 2 years. She did manage to fetch a scholarship but all the other expenses were covered by him through his hard earned money. Finally he spent whatever was necessary to spent on her marriage to me, we had a love marriage and so no dowry was exchanged as we both saved money for our household goods and expenses through our jobs.

Overall, it’s his great love and sacrifice that my wife is happy with her life and what she is earning and what kind of job she is doing without MBA and with MBA. Avanish surely has helped her excel in her career and life.

Thanks a lot Saale sahib! 

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