Wednesday 17 April 2013

Soldier for Women – A Friend in need

Woman’s safety today is not just about saving her honour or keeping her protected from the omnipresent lecherous eyes around. It is more about the all round well being of women right from the moment that she is an egg in her mother's womb. It encompasses the wide spectrum of crimes against her including female foeticide, female infanticide, girl child abuse and trafficking, honour killings, eve teasing, rapes, dowry related killings and every single thing that happens to women across the globe, all because she is physically not as strong as her male counterparts and socially not as empowered as them. The recent Delhi rape-murder case had shook the nation and evoked reaction from every soul having a heart. The only mistake the poor girl made was to be out late at night, wearing an allegedly provocative dress and responded to the unjustified comments passed by the gang of men. The price she paid was a battle at the hospital and ultimately death. This particular case was brought to light hence it gained momentum, but what about the thousands of cases that go unreported or worse reported yet ignored? I recall watching a movie "Matrubhoomi" which painted a horrid picture of what the nation would turn into if things continued the way they are with respect to killing of girl children. General awareness needs to be spread among the simpletons around us, to make them realize the wider picture of the consequences that await such gruesome deeds.

As mentioned in my earlier blogs, it’s the attitude towards women that matters the most and you need to always aware that your family must be having a women in your families. If you are passing comments so rest assured that your sister/wife/cousin must also be listening to. What goes out comes back to you with added interest – that’s KARMA! Though talking about religious stuff doesn’t matter to those who are already leading their lives the wrong way.

I would like to dedicate this post to one of my known who was studying with me at CDAC Noida and used to travel from Palam to Sector 62 Noida daily through public transport way back in 2001. At that time there was no Metro in Delhi NCR and it was only the white line buses and shared autos from 12-22 to Khoda and sector 62 in Noida. To come from Palam to Dhaulan Kuan was also difficult with shared auto filled full & IGI work going on and no highways. The autowallahs in Palam area used to fill all ladies and then more people more than auto can carry. Ladies did complaint of the same but no ears as there was no other way to travel.

My friend A. Mathur was travelling as usual that day and a girl was being teased by the autowallahs being pushed for the seat to be created for more people. My friend tried to stop Autowallah from doing that and it literally came to hand fighting between the two. Not only my friend and the girl was thrown out from the auto, his wallet was also taken and he has to call his father at home to bring his car and some money so that he can make it to the study centre. It was his courage and sincerity towards women that he was able to stand against those people. I felt very proud to know that guy and being friend with him.

Thanks a lot!

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