Tuesday 16 April 2013

The Croods - Special Screening @ Delhi

FoxStarMovies organized The Croods contest on twitter & the motivating prize was the tickets to the Premier show of the movie a week before it was going to be released in India. It was a great motivational factor as I always wanted to attend one. I started tweeting Why I want to see The Croods and kept answering till the end of contest for the day. The other day when the results were announced I won and received the details of the cinema – DT Vasant Kunj, Delhi at 840pm on 12th Apr 2013. I asked my wife to come early from office that day so that we can leave home by 700pm & we reached the destination and became the first one to demand tickets from the person in Fox Star Studio tshirt.

Finally as we entered the Audi 5 with 3D spects in our hands we sat on the extra comfortable seats of DT Cinema. The surprise element Fox Star was talking about was the few trailers of the upcoming movies – The Heat, The Interneship, Turbo. The Internship was specially interesting to me as it was shot at Google office in California. Turbo has some upbeat feel about it and really made us laugh – looking forward to the same asap.

Finally we were displayed a screenshot to tweet with #IloveTheCroods and win some amazing prizes after the show. I really grabbed the opportunity at a lightening speed.

The movie started with a great chase sequence for the food hunt and the characters were introduced during the run. The run really replaced the memories I had of Casino Royale – James bond chase. The graphics of the movie was breathtaking spectacular and amazing. With every movie the graphics are getting better and better. This movie showed everything from fireworks, dry sea, avatar style jungle, rock climbing, Life of Pi style starry nights, fire, volcanic eruptions, sea, amazing animals.

The variety that was covered in a single journey to follow ones dream and survival really kept us glued to our seats and entertained. Some of the moments were so awesome that my 3.5 years old daughter was laughing out loud and she was seeing the movie without the glasses. I don't want to reveal the whole story and scenes in my blog.

This is one movie that you have been waiting for to take your kids on an adventure together and learn some moral lessons on family - staying together even when everything else is falling apart and Never ever be afraid. Go and enjoy as the movie is releasing 19th Apr 2013 and you will receive your money's worth.