Wednesday 17 April 2013

My Android Love

Hi Guys,

My introduction with Google Android OS started when my brother gifted me Google G1 Mobile phone way back in 2009. This was the first Android OS mobile phone introduced by Google in collaboration with T-mobil & HTC. HTC names the set as HTC Dream. I really loved the phone as it has this sliding qwerty keypad and I was able to type very very fast on twitter and facebook. It was a small laptop for me as I didn't needed to open to check emails and all. I really loved the device very very much.

I went to London, I was introduced by Nokia to its new phone N8. It has a great camera with 12 Megapixels and old OS Symbian. I really loved it's large screen and nice design. The phone did came with a lot of features and accessories. But it has some lags and I didn't fall in love with the device and returned the same within a months of my use.

My brother again gifted my another Google phone named Nexus One which I still use. The phone is simply great with Amoled display and cool features. It upgraded itself to v2.3 Android and not further. The best thing about Android was the free apps and drag & drog of data files (movies, music, docs) into the Micro SD card & you are ready to see them on your device. I enjoyed the phone very much till recently when it's power button got broken. Then somehow I was able to find that this HTC phone has this problem and you need to take care earlier. I was able to find solution but could never switch-off the thing going forward. 

Now in this world of Phablets, screen larger than 5", quad core-dual core- processors, 8gb/16gb memory on board phones from all Indian as well as International brands I am feeling that I need to now say Good bye to my old phones. I still have both of them. Let's see if I could find solace in iPhone 5 or Nokia Lumia 920 or Samsung S4 or HTC One or BB Z10 etc. Till that time I need to save a lot of money as all the phones are highly priced in India. Thanks all! Enjoy!