Monday 22 April 2013

My Dream Business – The Microsoft Office 365 Way

Let's say how many times do you think to purchase a product and check prices for the same in various stores and online? There has been many internet sites comparing prices and let's you choose the cheapest but considering many fake online sites are there to dupe people rather helping them. 
My idea is to open a Procurement Consultancy across London, Sydney, Delhi  NCR, California, Singapore with the help of my friends. We will be targeting people who will tell us the product they want to purchase and what is the minimum price they are getting it for? The next part of the work will be done by us to check various sources, codes, deals, agencies to get the least price we can buy the product at? We can charge the commission based on the savings we are able to do for the customer or can be a flat charge for every request for consultancy related to what product they should buy? Our services will target people with less internet knowledge skills and time to search for the schemes before buying the goods. If we are able to take orders from people who are not fully aware of the internet and coupons we will be able to make good amount of money and good word of mouth will fetch us more customers mainly during Sale seasons like boxing day, thanksgiving day or Christmas, Diwali sales etc.  

With teams sitting across all the Earth and in different timezones we need something which keeps us collaborated and on the same page so as to provide the best of the services to our customers. We need to have a sharepoint site where we can put all our requests for all of us to see and they should be sorted out on the basis of geographies so as to save a lot of efforts and focus can be done on the same. Also based on all the geographies various deal giving websites and coupon codes with expiry dates needs to be maintained by all of us. Skydrive will provide us with the necessary space requirements for the files to be saved on cloud. Lync will help us discuss before we finally present the deal before the customer so as to cover all the necessary schemes and validations in case one has missed some. Overall it will be a team effort and we could bring synergy in our business using Office 365 features. 

Microsoft Office 365 will be the key resource in our business as we will be able to send messages across each other, update excels, coupon codes, schemes offline as well as online and it will bring all of offline things in sync as soon as we go online. It will work across different platforms without us investing in hardware as we could use our regular laptops, lumia phones or MAC notebooks. May be in future we will be able to use in our iPADs  or Nexus tabs.

It will be a great exposure to different cultures and people and helping them purchase their required goods at cheap prices will be awesomely great as even £10 saved will bring smiles and a McDonalds burger or Dominos Pizza for our customers, may be a pint of beer is what they will buy in London to celebrate.CHEERS!!!