Saturday 13 April 2013

Soldier for Women - Guards at our offices

Hi All,

As I entered the my office today, the guard at the gate said ‘Good Morning, Sir’. I was pleasantly surprised as this is not a usual phenomenon (unfortunately even from our side) and returned his greetings. I have been left wondering if it was a small gesture due to the fact that today is some special day or; whether it was an individual act or a collective decision by the administrative staff.  Out in the civil world we do get to see feel-good gestures every now and then from some people but not universally. When it comes to a woman’s security the need is for a universally secure environment in which we live. 

But once you are inside your company campus the guards are always there for your help. Starting from parking of your car, bike to checking of your identity cards and bags they do it all. They even help you to get the cabs and auto's. They are the unsung heroes who must have helped thousand of women and men staff at various moments of day to day work at an IT industry. 

Many a times we don't even look at their faces as we are completely engrossed in what to do and how much is left to be done in software coding/testing and other activities. This is really unrespectful on our part to not condsider them as someone and I too try to keep an check on myself to respect each and everyone. We are always alert in case of our boss is coming which ways or wherever he/she meets us, why not these guards?

In the end, it may have been an individual gesture or a part of an instruction given to them by their supervisor. If it was the former it’s appreciated very much but is an isolated gesture. If it was the latter, it would have been learning for many and a step in universal implementation. Perhaps, many would go home and greet their womenfolk lovingly & respectfully today.

As I see them they are really unsung heroes of our lives and I really salute them for being Solder for Women! 

Thanks all!   

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